8 Jun 2016

Work: Judging You . . .

Career news! In my role as Deputy Editor of LSi, I have been appointed as a judge for the Concert & Events category for the Knight of Illumination awards. I feature in the press release announcing the new judges which you can read here. I have to say, I am very flattered to have been asked to join the judging panel as these awards are really highly regarded in the lighting and video industry. I really can't wait to get stuck in to this - the first show I'm off to see is Coldplay when then their tour visits Wembley Arena next week. It will be great to spend some time with the production team before the show opens and find out more about the creative thought process behind the current tour - everyone knows Coldplay always put on a good event! 

1 Jun 2016


I've realised this blog has been slightly neglected of late and for that I must apologise. In truth, I haven't felt as passionate about jewellery and homeware (traditionally this blog's main subject matters) recently so the will hasn't been there to update the content. Don't get me wrong - I still love jewellery, homeware, accessories and all sorts - but the main focus of my creative output of late has been my own writing and photography which I wasn't sure had a place on this site.
However, since this is my site and I am proud of the content I've built up here over the years I have decided to stick with it and just give it somewhat of an overhaul! You'll notice a cleaner, simpler layout which I will continue to tweak over the coming weeks and months - and you'll also notice a slight shift in focus for the content. I want to share some of my fiction writing here (if I'm feeling brave enough!) as well as my photography, opinion and non-fiction features. I also want to share more about my work life - something I have kept strictly separate from this blog since its inception. Originally I kept it separate because I was shy of my own personal interests and didn't want anyone from 'the industry' to find me in this little corner of the web. But do you know what - this is me. Take me or leave me - this is the stuff I'm interested in. I toyed with the idea of changing the name of the site - but Lily Labyrinth is my online identity in so many places (Instagram, Twitter etc) that it would be a pain to extract myself from it. Plus, I'm still not entirely comfortable about exposing my full name to 'the internet'. However, if you know me in real life and stumble across this site - please do say hello in the comments! I'm not hiding any more, I am just keeping one foot in the shadows. It's nice there. We have cake.
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