11 Mar 2016

The Arts: Nothing but Neon

  Last summer, I happened upon an exhibition of neon lighting at London's Southbank Centre. I say exhibition, but it was more like a random display - I don't know why it was there or what it was in aid of, but it was free to wander around and enjoy the work, so I did! I forgot I had these photos until some idle laptop file sorting the other day brought them to my attention, so please excuse this post occurring some eight months after the event, but life has been busy and sadly this blog seems to have taken a backseat. Anyway, back to the neon! A little investigating suggests that the pieces on show may well have been from the collection of God's Own Junkyard's Chris Bracey - with some pieces certainly designed by the man himself. You can see below how one Chris Bracey piece went from concept to creation as there was a cabinet full of plans for a 'God Save the Queen' piece. It's always a treat to see the thought process behind creations, and this is no exception!
    From Concept to Creation:

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