14 Sept 2015

Photography: Kew Gardens, London

Here are a selection of photographs I took on a recent visit to Kew Gardens (Richmond, London). My favourite photo is that of the beautiful orange dahlias above. This photo was even featured on the official Kew Gardens Instagram account where is gained quite a lot of attention, which I wasn't expecting and was a lovely surprise! The variety of dahlia, if you're interested, is 'David Howard'.  
I love taking photos of bees - I have such a soft spot for them! I waited for this little bee to crawl around the flower then snapped away - until it flew at my face then I ran away screaming. Haha.
This happy little robin popped out of a tree to pose for a while. Just so happens that it was a fir tree so the overall effect is rather Christmassy!
This building was a treat to photograph from all angles. 
Another bee - well, I couldn't resist. I think this bee was a little sugar-drunk! 

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