4 Aug 2014

Jewellery: Feel More Love Boutique*

If you're heading out for a picnic this summer, you don't have to restrict the treats to your picnic hamper! How about popping some Dolly Mix around your wrist, a pair of strawberries on your ears and a Custard Cream around your neck? Don't worry - I've not lost the plot or been in the sun too long without a hat - I'm simply appreciating the work of jewellery designer Elizabeth Dyer of Feel More Love Boutique. A master in the art of Polymer clay, Elizabeth creates these fun pieces of jewellery that would be perfect for picnics, festivals and parties! 
Above: One of these things is not like the others... Custard Cream necklace from FeelMoreLoveBoutique.

Elizabeth was kind enough to send Lily in the Labyrinth a couple of items to review. Firstly, the fun Custard Cream necklace. I was impressed upon receiving it to see how detailed the item was! If it weren't for the silver chain protruding from the top-centre of the piece, you could easily mistake it for a real biscuit! The same size as a real Custard Cream, the necklace has weight to it without being too heavy and sits on a silver plated link chain that falls mid-chest. 
Above: Amazing detail - you'd be hard pushed to tell this apart from a real Custard Cream!

Elizabeth told Lily in the Labyrinth: "My work is inspired by pop culture and the world around me. If it looks tasty and/or cute - I usually want to immortalise it in some way so that it can be worn forever. I am also inspired by Japanese culture and 'Kawaii'. I absolutely love all things miniature, so anything that I can scale down and make tiny is great! Most of my jewellery is made from polymer clay. It's a fab material to work with because it's very versatile and with a bit of patience, skill and knowledge, can literally be made into anything."
Above: Side view - I've never been so tempted to eat Polymer clay! 

As well as the Polymer pieces, Feel More Love Boutique also stocks a range of other trinkets and treasures. I particularly like these Lego Lightsaber earrings and can think of several sci-fi loving friends who would love to receive these as a gift!
Above: Fun, Lego Lightsaber earrings which come in a range of colours.

Aside from jewellery making and running her shop, Elizabeth also hosts workshops for those wishing to learn more about jewellery making and working with Polymer clay. I asked Elizabeth how she came to work so closely with colourful clay and set up Feel More Love: "Colourful, funky and unique objects have always been an interest of mine. As a child my mother made polymer clay miniatures for my Sylvanian Families to play with, so I have always been familiar with polymer clay as a material. I began using it to make my own jewellery just for myself, family and friends when I was at university in 2007/2008. I could never find the jewellery that I wanted to wear in high street shops, so I just started experimenting with clay. When I graduated from MA Fine Art in 2011 I opened a pop-up shop with a fashion designer friend (we ran it together for 6 months) selling our own art and design work, along with the work of other talented designers and crafters. It was then that I realised how popular my jewellery really was. When we closed the shop down and went our separate ways, I decided to open my own business - rather than a physical shop, an online shop - also attending and selling my work at fairs and festivals. To add to this I run craft workshops and host jewellery making parties for people of all ages and abilities in Leicestershire and The Midlands."
Above: FeelMoreLove Boutique packaging.

The webshop opened in July 2012, with the Etsy store following in August 2012. After initially concentrating on selling her products directly through her own website, Elizabeth recently made the decision to put more time into Etsy and is already seeing the benefits: "I seem to be getting more traffic and sales on Etsy and I like the idea that I am part of a community of crafters, rather than just another online shop getting lost in the billions on Google!" I couldn't agree more, Etsy is a great way to build interest in your handmade and vintage products and connect with other creatives! If it wasn't for Etsy I wouldn't have come across Elizabeth's shop on a lazy Sunday 'favouriting' session! :) 

Thank you Elizabeth for these items :) Now I'm off to the shops as I have a rather large craving for a certain type of biscuit! 

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  1. The custard cream had me fooled there! I'd love to try my hand at polymer clay some time.

  2. It's very realistic isn't it! :)

  3. It's given me cravings for the real thing! Haha x


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