17 Jul 2014

Jewellery: Zara Simon

- Roma 'Metropolis' ring - £1500
- London 'Metropolis' ring - £1430
-  Paris 'Metropolis' ring - £1000

Metropolis Collection
The Metropolis collection by British jewellery designer Zara Simon takes some of the world's most famous man-made structures and turns them into intricate pieces of jewellery. Above you can see the Roma (top), London (middle) and Paris (bottom) rings. Personally I think the Roma ring is particularly inspired as it turns the Colosseum - a symbol of the power of ancient Rome - into a wonderfully detailed ring. Talk about power dressing! I also like the clever use of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris ring - if you didn't know this ring was part of the Metropolis collection you might not even notice the shape of the iconic structure worked into the design. Prices for these rings begin at £1000 and work upwards, so they would be investment pieces were you to indulge. However - good news - fans of Zara Simon's travel-inspired jewellery can now purchase it on the highstreet! Keep reading . . .

Zara Simon for Accessorize
- Kiki hexagon long pendant necklace - £22
- Galaxy pave clear crystal disc stud earrings - £15
- Hexagon stud earrings - £8
- Crystal tag short drop earrings - £10
- Aura precious stone ring - £15
- Isha Labrodite hoop earrings - £15
- Aura precious stone bracelet - £15
- Isha station bangle - £19
- Bamboo stacking ring set - £15
- Hamsa long cluster necklace - £17
- Lalita filagree short drop earrings with beads - £15
- Aalia Kiss teardrop stone ring - £17

To celebrate Accessorize 30th birthday, Zara Simon has created a capsule collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings designed to be layered, draped and stacked. Reminiscent of the designer's current collection rather than the Metropolis range, the Z for Accessorize range features gold-plated items with familiar Zara Simon elements such as hexagons and hand-cut, faceted precious stones. Most of the collection comes in at under £20 per item, so us spend-thrifts can get our hands on some great, British-designed jewellery that won't break the bank! Winning at life! To view the full collection click here or visit your local branch of Accessorize.

1 Jul 2014

Jewellery: Another Feather

 I really like these minimalist jewellery pieces from Portland-based Another Feather - they are exactly the sort of pieces I love to wear myself: subtle, understated and yet interesting and different to the norm. The work of jewellery designer Hannah Ferrara, the pieces are inspired by travel, simplistic design, ancient relics and an appreciation for well-crafted heirlooms. Hannah's collections have been described as 'jewellery for the non-jewellery wearer' and embrace the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi - an acceptance of transience and imperfection - something I really identify with in regards to jewellery. 
photos: Another Feather
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