24 Jun 2014

Arcade Fire at Earls Court, London

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I guess sometimes my day-job has some pretty amazing perks - backstage and photography pit passes for Arcade Fire's recent Earls Court gigs has got to be one of them! I was 'officially' there to report on and photograph some new technology being used by the band, but as someone who has followed Arcade Fire since their 2004 debut album, Funeral, this was never going to be just another work assignment! 
When the band came out I fought for my place in the boiling hot photography pit, the 19,000-strong crowd roaring behind me as Win Butler and co emerged onto the vast stage and I had a mild panic attack about getting a good shot on my new camera whose settings I am still finding my way around! Thankfully, the shots came out, as you can see here, and I am thrilled with them! A number of them will be appearing in print, in the magazine I am Deputy Editor of, but I couldn't resist sharing the rest of my favourites here on my creative blog. Because I was there 'with the crew', rather than just with the national press, I was the only photographer allowed in the pit during the encore - so I know I got some pretty unique shots and I'm pretty please with them, despite battling with camera settings and the like. See what you think!

I kindly ask that you do not use these photos anywhere without permission. Please email lilyinthelabyrinth@gmail.com should you wish to use them for any purpose. Thank you. 

Love from Lily

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