7 May 2014

Home: Wooden Monkey by Kay Bojesen

This wooden monkey is somewhat of a Danish design classic and something I've been lusting over for years, so I was over the moon when I received this little chap as a gift from my parents when they returned from a short break in Copenhagen recently. (Dog-sitting while they were gone was worth it! Haha.) Originally designed by Kay Bojesen in 1951, the monkey is made of teak and limba and treated with natural oil. Bojesen believed that his creations should feel pleasing to touch, and with its smooth finish and rounded silhouette, this monkey certainly holds true to that design philosophy. The movable arms and legs are finished with playfully hooked hands and feet that allow the monkey to hang much like its real-life counterpart. The right foot is branded with Bojesen's design stamp to prove authenticity, as you can see below . . .
Above: Kay Bojesen's stamp in branded on the monkey's foot.
Above: Monkey can't resist swinging in the trees! 
(For this photo only, he is now safe and sound inside!)
Above: With a pleasing expression and rounded lines, the monkey holds true to Bojesen's design philosophy.

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