9 Apr 2014

Home: Live Like an Explorer

Camel tealight holder - £9.99
Decorative 'bone' magnifying glass - £19.99
Metal insect - £17.99
Ecru globe - £39.99
Elephant cushion cover - £19.99
Palm tree elephant teapot - £29.99
Teaspoons with conch handle - £9.99
Small cord table with display drawer - £69.99
Metal edged box - £17.99
Mother of pearl soap dish - £15.99
Leather box - £29.99
Oriental mirror with candle holder - £39.99

Lily says: On a recent window-shop through the pages of Zara Home's website, I couldn't help but keep noticing exquisite items that would give any home the 'explorer' vibe! My personal favourites from this little collection I've put together include the camel tealight holder and the mother of pearl soap dish! I also love the glass-topped side table with its drawer that's perfect for displaying collections! What are your favourite picks? 

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