25 Apr 2014

Home: You, Me and the Sea

Set of three wax filled jars - £10 - Next
Set of two tumblers - £3.50 - Next
Set of two coastal slogan placemats - £10 - Next 
You, Me and the Sea cushion - £12 - Next
Captain & First Mate mugs - £8 - Next
Fish serving bowl - £10 - Next
Beach words print cushion - £12 - Next
Small fish serving bowl - £6 - Next

Lily Says: I didn't intend this post to solely consist of products from Next, but when I was looking for some beachy items, I fell in love with pretty much every piece from this collection so decided to post them all here! My boyfriend and I are currently house / mortgage hunting so I have no idea what kind of place we'll get, otherwise I would probably snap up several pieces from this collection! Having grown up by the sea, I think the 'Beach Words' cushion is my favourite, but it's all so affordable I certainly wouldn't mind stocking my kitchen cupboards with the tumblers and bowls and mugs... In fact, the tumblers remind me of some I saw in Anthropologie a while back that were £10-a-pop! So £3.50 for two really is a bargain! Do you like this collection? Which pieces would you purchase?  

24 Apr 2014

Peg Dolls: Jessie

Allow me to introduce Jessie - the latest edition to our growing collection of antique wooden peg dolls. Having traveled from America, she joins Emily, Lily and Pinny and takes our collection up to four dolls. Someone in Jessie's past obviously decided she needed a make-over and set about her with some paint (neon cheeks anyone?), meaning her features are rather bright in colour compared to the other dolls in the collection - although not ideal, the paint-job merely adds to her unique story. It actually reminds me of the story of the little old lady in Spain who decided to zjoosh-up a priceless 19th century fresco of Jesus (you've got to laugh...). Jessie came in a simple, blue floral dress tied around the waist with a cream bow. Of all the dolls we have, her limbs move most freely. I can't help but wonder if there's been some handy work done on them too - but I daren't remove her dress to look!
Note: Jessie's face and limbs have been painted with pale pink by someone in her past.
Note: She wears a simple blue floral dress tied with a cream bow.
Our collection: Jessie, Lily, Emily and Pinny.

COMING SOON: All about Peg-Doll Lily and more about Pinny's House!

9 Apr 2014

Home: Live Like an Explorer

Camel tealight holder - £9.99
Decorative 'bone' magnifying glass - £19.99
Metal insect - £17.99
Ecru globe - £39.99
Elephant cushion cover - £19.99
Palm tree elephant teapot - £29.99
Teaspoons with conch handle - £9.99
Small cord table with display drawer - £69.99
Metal edged box - £17.99
Mother of pearl soap dish - £15.99
Leather box - £29.99
Oriental mirror with candle holder - £39.99

Lily says: On a recent window-shop through the pages of Zara Home's website, I couldn't help but keep noticing exquisite items that would give any home the 'explorer' vibe! My personal favourites from this little collection I've put together include the camel tealight holder and the mother of pearl soap dish! I also love the glass-topped side table with its drawer that's perfect for displaying collections! What are your favourite picks? 

4 Apr 2014

Jewellery: You Could Be My Flamingo

Tatty Devine's Flamingo collection: I'm in love! I've long had a soft spot for flamingos so this collection, consisting of a brooch, earrings and a necklace (not pictured but the same as the brooch in principle) is right up my street. If I could select one piece to own it would have to be that shell-scattered brooch! Do you like flamingos too? If so, what would you pick?
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