7 Feb 2014

Street Art Files: One . . .

Street art is such a transient form of art that whenever I come across outstanding examples of it, I try to get photographic evidence to help it last that little bit longer. As such, I've amassed quite a collection of pictures on my Instagram of such work and thought it would be great to share the best of the collection to-date here on Lily in the Labyrinth. I've done my best to identify artists but there are a couple I'm of unsure of - if you can fill in any missing details I'd love to hear from you in the comments section. 
Above: Spotted: Prince Albert Street, Brighton (2013). Artist: Imbue
Above: Spotted: Old Street area of London (Jan 2014). Artist: Zabou
 Above: Spotted: Princelet Street, London (2012). Artist: Stik
Above: Spotted: Old Street ares, London (January 2014). Artist: Unknown. (Anyone know?) 
Above: Spotted: Brick Lane, London (2012). Artist: Vhils / Alexandre Farto
Above: Spotted: Hanbury Street, London (2012). Artist: ROA
Above: Spotted: Jersey (2013). Artist: Unknown (Anyone know?)
Above: Spotted: Brick Lane area, London (2012). Artist: Nathan Bowen
Above: Spotted: Brick Lane area, London (2012). Artist: Little Devil
Above: Spotted: Princelet Street, London (2012). Artist: St8ment

I do have a wider collection of street art photos taken when I visited London's Cans Festival back in 2008 (I think), which I will hopefully add to this series of blog posts soon, if you're interested? Cans Festival was an amazing, one-off celebration of street art that took place in the then disused Eurostar tunnel near London Waterloo. Over three days there were workshops, installations and displays by some of the most prominent street artists out there - including Banksy et al. If the sound of that whets your appetite then please be sure to check back soon for some images from the event. 


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