19 Nov 2013

Lily Loves: Coral and Tusk

Coral and Tusk's brilliant creations are hand-drawn and designed by Brooklyn-based designer Stephanie Housley, whose imagination comes to life in the form of embroidered pillows and accessories. Inspired by nature and travel, Stephanie identifies greatly with animals and loves to imagine where they might live and what they might wear and accessorize themselves with if they could. As you can see in the following images, Coral and Tusk dolls and pillows often have little pockets acting as a home for an embroidered little critter, or concealing a hand-stitched tool or treat. Genius! Be sure to take a look at the Coral and Tusk website and take a peek into Stephanie's world in this charming short film about her work. 
(Photos by Kate Lacey)

Coral and Tusk is stocked in the UK at Couverture & The Garbstore and Selvedge.

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