22 Oct 2013

Travel: Snowshill Manor (part one) . . .

Last month I visited Snowshill Manor - a winding, rabbit-warren of a house, so cluttered with its eccentric owner's vast collections that he chose to live in a modest, converted outhouse and give the Manor over entirely to the wonder of craftsmanship. With a motto of 'Let Nothing Perish', Charles Paget Wade devoted his adult life to filling Snowshill from bottom to top with all manner of objects - from the ordinary to the occult, everything had a place in his kingdom of clutter. Hidden away near the town of Broadway in the quiet, rolling countryside of the Cotswolds, Snowshill Manor was given to the National Trust by Wade in the 1950s and today is open to the public.
Some of my favourite items in the house included all the beautiful oriental cabinets - I wish I could have had hours to rummage through all the little drawers and cupboards they housed! The little wooden houses that once formed part of a model village named "Wolf's Cove" were also fascinating as was a large collection of Samurai warrior armor tucked away in a darkened room - very eearie! It was hard to take photos inside the house as a lot of the rooms were dark, but here are some snaps I took: 
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Coming next will be some pictures I took in the gardens of Snowshill Manor. 


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