14 Mar 2013

Travel: Rome, Italy . . .

Last November my boyfriend and I took a special trip to Rome to celebrate his 30th birthday. We had an amazing time walking around the city trying to see as many of the sites as we could on our brief trip. Rome is like no other city I've ever been to - there are breath-taking monuments, ruins and iconic statues, buildings and sites around every corner. It's truly like being in a living museum!  I meant to post these images last year, but have only just realised the blog post was sitting in my draft folder! Whoops! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images I took on our trip . . .

6 Mar 2013

Highstreet Highlight: Statement necklaces . . .

Short, statement necklaces allow us to dress up even the most basic outfits whilst expressing our personalities - what's not to love? Here I've put together my pick of reasonably-priced statement necklaces from the British highstreet. I've included a range of styles, with most coming from easily accessible stores such as Dorothy Perkins, Zara, Accessorize and Forever21 with a price tag under £20 (...please forgive the one sneaky necklace from Anthropologie. I couldn't resist!).
Ethnic Flare:
Left: Silver plated ethnic applique bib - Zara - £22 | Right: Eden Wow Bib Collar - Accessorize - £19
Colour Pop:
Left: Grasp necklace (also in pink) - Pieces - £20.30 | Right: Bejewelled triangle bib - Forever21 - £7.40
 Cool Cord:
Left: Rope chain faceted gold bib - Warehouse - £14 | Right: Chunky beads on cord - Dorothy Perkins - £15
Cut-Out and Keep:
Left: Gold cut-out bib - Forever21 - £5.65 | Right: Silver-look cut-out wheel necklace - Dorothy Perkins - £16.50
Touch of Turquoise:
Left: Turquoise bead tube necklace - Dorothy Perkins - £14 | Right: Triangle stone necklace - Dorothy Perkins - £14 
Woven Wonders:
Left: Pastel woven embellished necklace - Dorothy Perkins - £15 | Right: Bejewelled spray necklace - Anthropologie - £118
Chain Gang: 
Left: Chain necklace with appliques - Zara - £22 | Right: Crystal embellished mesh choker - Mango - £44.99 

I hope this selection of highstreet highlights has given you some idea of how you can get involved in on of jewellery's hottest trends whatever your budget or style. 

Let Lily Know: Which, if any of these picks is your favourite or where have you found your ideal statement necklace?
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