12 Feb 2013

Lily Loves: Aili Jewelry . . .

I was browsing Catbird, a lovely online jewellery shop, when products by one particular brand kept catching my eye. Aili Jewelry is hand made in Brooklyn by Monica Ruzansky. Meaning 'light' in Gaelic, Aili reflects Monica's love of the medium of light and sees the designer use only recycled metals supplied by sustainable-certified companies. Here I've selected a few of my favourite pieces from the range. I love how delicate the items are and the contrast of the different tones of turquoise against the silver and gold metals . . .

- Tulum Earrings - silver with turquoise - two greenish-blue turquoise droplets nestled in a little bar of silver. 
- Tulum Triangle Earrings - gold with turquoise - three little oceanic droplets nestled in triangles of gold. 
- Tulum Mon Amour collection of stackable silver and turquoise rings.
Oval Gold Necklace with turquoise stone.
- Diamond Ring featuring black diamonds on a 14ct gold hammered gold band.
- Parrallelogram Earrings with black diamonds. 
- Tulum Moon Necklace featuring eight turquoise droplets.
- Tulum Eternal Sunshine Ring featuring a gold band with green and blue turquoise stones. 

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