10 Dec 2012

Finds: Dreaming of a Mint Christmas - Etsy Edit . . .

From top:
- Christmas tree mug - Asleep From Day - £9.95
Bee candle holder - Blue Room Pottery - £23
Christmas bauble - Asleep From Day
Aguayo bracelet - Lak Lak - £57.53
Mint bow ring - Mint Rainbow - £9.27
Clutch bag, vintage white leather - Blackbird and the Owl - £31.96
Russian porcelain brooch - Albaricoke Azul - £9.95
Heart stud earrings - Dariami - £11.51
Tiny skull bracelet - Mini Fabo - £10.23
Blue bird brooch - Katrin Art - £10.64
Leather tote bag - ByMART - £33.23
Friendly Narwhal brooch - Lila Ruby King - £23

Lily Says: Mint is a colour that the world seems to go crazy for in Spring/Summer, but I'm championing that Mint is a shade for all seasons and bringing you a Gift Guide based around the colour. Whereas in Spring/Summer mint is fresh; in Autumn/Winter it's icy, frosty and can offer a cooler, muted alternative to the plums, reds, golds and fir-tree greens that tend to engulf us in the run up to Christmas day. To support independent sellers this Christmas, I've kept this Gift Guide strictly Etsy-based. Hope you like what you see! 

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