28 Sept 2012

Wardrobe: Autumn Wishlist . . .

The Portland Jumper - Aubin & Wills
Birch Bag - Hobbs NW3
Birch Mac - Hobbs NW3
Koko T-Shirt - Wrap
Satire Boots - Rocket Dog via Schuh
Dandelion Jersey Dress - French Connection
Washed Hoody in Autumn Bloom - Boden 

Lily Says: The nights are drawing in and there is a distinct chill in the air - not to mention all the puddles on the pavements! Autumn has arrived and brought with it the usual cravings for chunky knits, plum-tones and the like that we all seem to get at this time of year. My little collection here has a rather timeless English feel to it I think. The woodland animal emblems, the deep moss-green classic trench coat, the rather 1940s-cut dress and so on. I must admit, though this is supposedly a 'wishlist', I do actually already own a number of these items (or, in the case of the cardigan, a more affordable but just a nice alternative). Naughty me!

Let Lily Know: What's on your Autumn wishlist? What do you think of my collection? 

27 Sept 2012

Beauty: Paul & Joe's Fairy Queen . . .

Regular readers may remember my little ode to Paul & Joe beauty packaging from earlier in the year. If not, here's the basics - I think Paul & Joe packaging is beautiful and in every sense. Simple as that. So I just couldn't resist snapping up one of the nail polishes from the Summer 2012 'Midsummer Nights' collection. I know, I know... I'm a little late to the party - but in my defence, this is a shade that will look just as great during the winter party season adding sparkle over any of my favourite fall polishes as it does over a nude manicure during the warmer months. The shade is called Fairie Queen and is a shimmering, translucent polish with pretty, iridescent specks of pinks, pale blues, purples and greens. I'm not sure the photos do it justice - it really looks like some kind of magical product in real life. And, needless to say, I am a big fan of the packaging. From the Art Nouveau inspired box, in mint green and antique gold to the bottle itself - I'd happily have the product for display reasons only! But where would be the super-girly, manicurey fun in that? 

Paul & Joe beauty products can be purchased from Beauty Bay and ASOS in the UK. Visit the Paul & Joe Beauty website here

13 Sept 2012

Lily Loves: Jonathan Adler . . .

 Jonathan Adler is without doubt my favourite pottery designer. I'm sure not many people my age can claim to have a 'favourite pottery designer'  but there you go - I've put it out there - I do. I love that the pieces often have a quirky twist and that the team behind the brand obviously have a sense of humour. I also really like how most pieces are simply white, with pattern, shape and texture providing the interest. Unfortunately, most of the pieces are a little out of my price range at the moment but I am saving hard to snap up a fox! In the meantime, after pouring over the website for a good few years, I finally crumbled and treated myself to three miniature versions of Jonathan Adler's classic Menagerie collection. I picked up the horse, the gorilla and the giraffe in hanging decoration form from the Sale section of the JA site (I do love a bargain!) and couldn't be happier with them. They arrived really quickly, beautifully packaged in blue boxes as you can see below:

Now I just need to find the perfect place to hang this little trio! You can read a timeline of all things Jonathan Adler here

Let Lily Know: Do you like hanging decorations? Where do you like to hang them? My door handles are all full! Haha . . .

6 Sept 2012

Jewellery Collection: Origami Jewellery

It was my birthday earlier this week and I was lucky enough to be given this Origami Jewellery solid silver rabbit necklace by my boyfriend. I'd not heard of the brand before, but imitation origami jewellery pieces had caught my eye in the past so I was thrilled to receive one of the original pieces behind the origami jewellery trend!
Origami Jewellery is the work of French designers Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac who, after being taught the Japanese art of paper folding one winter night by their friend Masayuki Muraki, decided to pay tribute to the intricate shapes created by combining them with precious materials such as silver, gold and rose gold. The pair travelled to Japan to carefully source manufacturers capable of reproducing the intricate and delicate shapes of origami and from there a whole forest of origami animal jewellery was born.  
The little rabbit is rather weighty and hangs on a long chain that rests mid-chest (sorry, I'll get my tape measure out soon and give you an exact length, I promise!). It's the perfect piece to give a basic outfit an edge and I've already received a number of compliments on the necklace, which is always a good sign! In the UK, Origami Jewellery is stocked at Liberty - presented in a beautiful bell jar on one of the counter tops in the jewellery hall no less! It was a tough choice as all the animals were so appealing - the swan, the flying horse, the dog - but I chose the rabbit in the end and I am so happy with it. You can see other examples of Origami Jewellery animals here

3 Sept 2012

Beauty: Neom's Utter Relaxation Collection

I first heard about the Neom brand quite a while ago via LipSoFacto and have been intrigued to try the brand ever since reading about the wonderful scents and carefully selected organic ingredients of the product range. So, as work on the magazine has been a little hectic recently, I decided it was the perfect time to treat myself to Neom's Utter Relaxation Collection. For roughly £30 (from Feel Unique) I received a beautifully presented set of products which have both given me a good overview of the brand's offering, and left me feeling exactly how I wanted to - relaxed and pampered . . .
 The Collection is presented in the above packaging which opens at the front like a book to reveal the four 'luxury organic' products inside. From the moment I opened the courier package I could smell the gorgeous scents escaping from the box. Printed on the packaging is a guide to the contents of the collection and how best to use them - the perfect step-by-step guide to creating a completely relaxing pamper session for yourself. 
 Included in the set are: 
-  Step One: Sumptuous Travel Candle (75g), scented with Rose and Orange Blossom with a burn-life of 20 hours. According to the 'menu', this works to both calm and soothe you whilst lifting your spirits. This has a 'clean burn' and the wax turns to a kind of oil as it burns up, so the scent is rather strong but not over powering. Step one of the pamper guide is to light this and turn down the lights...
- Step Two: Tranquillity Organic Bath Oil (5ml), containing a calming blend of English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine to help ease you into a good night's sleep, and Jojoba and Safflower to help hydrate and nourish the skin. Step two urges you to run a bath and pour the whole 5ml in, but I found a few drops were more than enough and meant I still had some product left to enjoy on another occasion. I have to say, my skin did feel really soft and nourished after the bath.
- Step Three: Real Luxury Organic Body Lotion (50ml), contains a rich blend of Vitamin A and E-packed Shea Butter (one of my favourite things in a body product!), Macadamia Nut Oil, Rosemary Leaf, Pomegranate and 'the highest quality aromatherapeutic oils' (ooh, fancy). This is a light formula which is absorbed into the skin nice and quickly (nothing worse than a heavy body lotion, clammy in my opinion!).
- Step Four: Tranquillity Organic Pillow Mist (50ml), like the Bath Oil this contains a blend of organic English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine and is intended to help you drift off to sleep feeling completely relaxed. The scent is gorgeous and, as you'd expect, completely soothing and relaxing. I haven't actually tried the pillow mist yet as I'm saving it for when I am away with work in a few weeks and will need all the help I can get to relax at the end of the day! 
So what's my verdict? Is the collection worth the money? If you fancy treating yourself or a loved one to a really luxurious pamper session then yes, it's definitely a good little package to splash out on as it gives you a whole experience in one box for less than the price of one regular Neom product! What's not to love about that? The fact that it's a slightly more elusive brand (as opposed to, say, Boot's Sanctuary Spa or something), makes the collection feel that little more 'special' and, perhaps it's just me, but I find that really helps you get in the mood for a good pampering! 
Neom is quite pricey, but if you like what you've read then perhaps pop a collection like this on your Christmas list or keep an eye on the Neom website and Feel Unique for occasional discount offers. 

Let Lily Know: Have you ever tried Neom products? Which ones and what did you think? You may persuade me to treat myself again sometime soon ;)

NB: The Collection doesn't seem to be available any more but I'm sure similar gift sets will pop up again soon so do keep an eye out if you're interested!
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