24 Aug 2012

Travel: Michelham Priory, Sussex . . .

The 21st of August marked my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary and to celebrate, we took a trip to the place they first met - Michelham Priory in Sussex. Surrounded by the longest, water-filled moat in England and dating back to the 1200's, the Priory has a rich history - and several resident ghosts! The attached Tudor house and barn (in which my parents first locked eyes on each other), make it a unique little historical site and well worth a visit. The beautifully tended moat, kitchen gardens, physics gardens and surrounding countryside are so peaceful and make the perfect place to wander for a while and forget the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Here are some snaps I took as I had a little stroll back in time . . .


  1. Brilliant collection of shots here, as usual! It's not hard to see why a romance started in a setting like this. Congrats to your parents on their anniversary :)


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