21 Jun 2012

Jubilee Fever . . .

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee saw the UK come together in spectacular style to celebrate the 60 year reign of Elizabeth II. If you are a regular reader of this blog or even just scroll down a few posts, you'll know I have a soft spot for vintage Royal memorabilia as I am rather a sucker for traditional, British iconography. As such, the explosion of bunting, union flags, tea parties and parades was very welcome! 
I have to say the whole Jubilee did make me feel proud to be British. I got stuck in with the occasion whenever I could and even managed to catch a glimpse or two of the Queen herself! On the 15th May, when her Jubilee tour visited Bromley. The buzz from seeing the Queen and Prince Philip was rather surreal! 
On the 3rd of June I met up with my BFFs and we attempted to watch the Thames Pageant... it wasn't a very successful attempt, we spent most of the day walking up back streets parallel to the Thames trying to find somewhere, anywhere, where the crowd wasn't 30-deep and we had a chance of seeing the boats! We ended up on London Bridge catching fleeting glimpses of boats between people's shoulders. Oh well, you win some you lose some! Haha. It was still a fun day and lovely to see everyone coming together - so many people - and not a whiff of trouble. 
Below are some pictures I took throughout the Jubilee celebrations, starting with the Queen's visit to Bromley. Hope you enjoy!
Above: Entertainers amuse the waiting crowds in Bromley

Above: Here she comes! 
Above: The Royal car drives by...
Above: My snaps of the Queen!
Above: Bunting everywhere! 
Above: Police wore traditional uniforms throughout the weekend. 
 Above: Crowds gather to watch free theatre by the National Theatre on London's South Bank
 Above: A little girl draws the Queen in the sand on London's South Bank
 Above: The view (on tiptoes) from our spot on London Bridge for the Thames Pageant
Above: Boats! (Excuse the line down the middle, for some reason there were fences up - annoying!)
Above: London Victoria train station decorated for the Jubilee

Let Lily Know: What (if anything) did you do for the Jubilee?

Next post: Our Jubilee tea party


  1. Lovely pics! Looks like you had a great time :) x

  2. You grab the atmosphere really well here! Despite the rain and the crowds it looks like everyone's having fun! x

  3. Thanks Kate and Keroppi - hope you had lovely Jubilee weekends too :D x


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