2 May 2012

Lily Loves: The Stamp Necklace . . .

This very sweet wooden stamp necklace (£65 here) from Les Nereides is such a fun piece of jewellery. There are a number of little messages to choose from - including Love, Amour, Ok and Merci - enabling you to stamp  your seal of approval wherever you may be. If only tiny stamp handles were more readily available - this would make a great DIY project! 

Let Lily Know: If you could customise a necklace like this, what would your ideal stamp message or symbol be? Mine would be a little bird!


1 comment

  1. This is too cute! :)

    A bird stamp would be a very good choice, I would probably go with just a 'Jen'. I have a lot of 'name' necklaces, so one where I could stamp my name everywhere? yes please! haha failing that, a smiley face! I plaster those everywhere anyway ;D

    Jen xx


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