19 Apr 2012

Treasure Hunt: Lewes, Sussex . . .

As promised in the last post, here are the snaps I took on Saturday when I was rummaging through the many antique shops of Lewes, Sussex. I hope you find the pictures as interesting as I do! I love going on treasure hunts in Lewes :) 

Let Lily Know: Is there anything here you would have been tempted to buy? 

14 Apr 2012

Haul: Lewes - A Right Royal Collection . . .

Shopping in Lewes is something I often do when I'm down on the coast for the weekend and at a loose end. The range of antique and gift shops on offer guarantee interesting finds on every visit, and today was no exception! I got a bit carried away and bought quite a lot this time - oops! Knowing how much I love seeing what other people have been buying thanks to 'Haul' blog posts, I thought I'd do one too, to share today's treasures with you. You may notice a theme - yes, I have a 'thing' for all things British and particularly memorabilia to do with the Queen! It's not that I am a Royal nut, more that I like the iconography and stories of the pieces . . .
The Items Up Close:
 Above: London notebook - £8 for three - Wickle | Vintage Brighton advertising bus tickets - 20p each - Lewes Antique Emporium
Above: Moomin candle carousel - £8 - Louis Potts | Vintage milk bottle - £5 - Lewes Antiques Centre 
Above: Individual chandelier crystals to upcycle | Silver and enamel brooch - both Lewes Antiques Centre
 Above: Coronation Souvenir, George VI (in need of an iron!) - £5 - Lewes Antique Emporium
Above: Silver-plated origami rabbit necklace - a gift from my Mum - White Stuff
Above: Emma Bridgewater 'God Save the Queen' biscuit tin - £11.99 - Louis Potts

I couldn't resist the old Brighton bus tickets - they will be great for scrap-booking and various creative projects, as will the chandelier crystals. I plan to use the vintage milk bottle as a vase and love how it has Lewes printed on it. The Emma Bridgewater biscuit tin will fit in with my 'English Eccentric' homeware theme perfectly and will in time become a piece of history itself. Just like the Coronation Souvenir handkerchief, which was a real find. It's dated May 1937 and commemorates the coronation of George VI. What I love about it is the way that, if you look on the reverse side (see below) you can quite clearly see it was originally made for his brother Edward. A lot of coronation memorabilia was already printed by the time Edward stepped aside to marry American divorcee Wallace Simpson, leaving the throne clear for George VI. You can see in the centre of the handkerchief the Edward text has been stamped over with gold swirls and the names George and Elizabeth have then been added. Memorabilia salvaged! I love that little bit of history played out right there on the fabric. 
More Detail: 

So there you have it, my Lewes haul! I hope you found it interesting and enjoyed having a good nose! Let me know what you think of my purchases :) 

Next post will be some snaps I took whilst going around the various antique shops. There were some really interesting pieces on offer today so the photos are really worth seeing!


12 Apr 2012

Highstreet Highlight: Ted Baker . . .

 Above: 'Epella' - Trapeze Dress - £149 

Above: Long flamingo-print scarf - £59 | French Bulldog ditsy-print blouse - £89
Seaside print, leather matinee purse - £99 | Printed trapeze scarf - £59
Dog-bobble matinee purse - £79 | 'Amherst' orchid-print swimsuit - £99

British brand Ted Baker began life in 1988 with one store in Glasgow specialising in men's shirts. With a limited budget, the brand relied on word-of-mouth publicity rather than big advertising campaigns, which soon paid off as Ted Baker opened more branches in 1990 and stepped into the world of women's wear in 1995.
Occupying the high-end of the highstreet, Ted Baker is one of those shops I don't go in that often, but when I do I fall in love all over again with the quirky prints and quality finish of the items. When I saw the gorgeous Trapeze Dress on the Ted Baker website I was inspired to have a good root around and pick out some other such gems from the current collection to share with you. I have to say, I'd quite happily be the owner of all of these pieces if I had a lottery-winner's budget! The French Bulldog blouse with its contrast, peter-pan collar is so cute, as are the little matinee purses - the detail and finish of them making them more than worth the price tag. And as for the swimsuit? I love the flattering cut, the nature print - it's just perfect! 
If it's been a while since you had a browse in Ted Baker, then why not pay a visit this season? I know I will be! 

Let Lily Know: What's your favourite item from these picks? What do you think of Ted Baker in general?


6 Apr 2012

Peg Dolls: Emily Pegdoll . . .

This lovely peg doll (c1890-1910) measures 11 inches high and used to be part of the collection of dolls at Pollock's Toy Museum in London. She is signed 'Pollocks 1982' in pencil on the base of her back. Pollock's once sold these German, wooden, antique peg dolls, of which this is one. I love that she has a story and knowing she was once part of the Pollock collection makes her just a little bit special to me as I love that place! If you've never been to Pollock's Toy Museum, near Goodge Street station in London, I highly recommend you take a trip. It's jam-packed full of interesting antique toys - from pegs dolls to stunning toy theatres - which were inspiration for Terry Gilliam when he made The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. 

Named Emily, this peg doll takes our collection up to three. Not bad considering how rare they seem to be! She was found in an antique shop in Stow-on-the-Wold in the Cotswolds earlier this week and is now busy making friends with the other dolls! She has a very similar face to the doll in my header doesn't she! But the header-doll is actually Lily, the first peg doll I bought :)


2 Apr 2012

Highstreet Highlight: Debenhams Cushions . . .

Debenhams' homeware department is on fire at the moment where cushions are concerned. Here are some of my personal highlights from the current collection . . .
(PS. There's currently up to 50% off a lot of home items on the Debenhams site!)
 Above: Butterfly by Matthew Williamson 'Embroidered Flamingo Cushion'. Just look at the work on this beauty! Each strand of each feather carefully stitched in place - and all that work for just £20! I think that's an absolute bargain considering there's a simple, linen flamingo cushion going on Graham & Green for £80 at the moment. 
 Above: Debenhams 'Hope & Glory Embroidered Cushion'. Again, I love the amount of work that's gone into this cushion compared to it's reasonable £25 price tag. But what I love most about this particular cushion is that it replicates World War One embroidered greetings cards. Generally known as 'WWI Embroidered Silks', these hand embroidered cards consisted of strips of hand embroidered silk mesh and were first produced in 1914 through 1918. They remain highly collectable items today - from what I've witnessed, often going for a fair bit on eBay and in antique shops. The cards often featured patriotic British, American and French designs and slogans - an element clearly present on the above cushion! 
Above: Yukari Sweeney 'London Street Map Cushion'. At £35 this is the most expensive of my picks - but as London 2012 commemorative items go, I'd say it was one of the best I've seen.Again, it's full of detail - I could imagine curling up on the sofa and planning a London day out on it! And, you have to admit, the tiny taxis and buses are rather adorable . . .

Let Lily Know: Which of these cushions tickles your fancy the most?

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