16 Mar 2012

Baking: Pink Swirl Cupcakes . . .

 My latest baking adventure with Sam from Carousel Cupcakes resulted in these pretty pink cupcakes! We were attempting to master the dollop-swirl (that's not the technical name, it's just what I like to call it!), and I don't think they turned out too bad! What do you think? The certainly tasted yummy! The cake was chocolate and the pink frosting had a really subtle hint of cinnamon.
We couldn't resist making some simple cupcakes with Mini Eggs and glitter to complement the swirly cakes! 



  1. Sparkly! The dollop-swirls look pretty spot on to me!

  2. Thanks Keroppi, they were very fun to create :D x

  3. Mmmmm scrummy! These look delicious! :-)

  4. OMG looks divine!!! Love Red Velvet cupcakes which I thought they were!
    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  5. Thanks Jo and Romi :)

    I've yet to attempt making red velvet cupcakes but I really want to! Yum! x


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