13 Mar 2012

Corners of our home: Ragdoll Alice . . .

 Allow me to introduce the newest member of the family household - Ragdoll Alice. My mum rescued her from the bottom of a dusty glass cabinet in a Lewes antique shop recently, having been hunting high and low for the perfect vintage rag doll for several months now. Named Alice after my Great Grandmother, the doll has a muted, neutral colour palette, with perfect pink ribbons, lips and cheeks and those embroidered, lash-lined, sky-blue eyes adding subtle notes of colour. Her dress is really detailed, with lace trimmings and tiny pear buttons! Underneath she even wears petticoats and pantaloons . . .
 Her shoes are soft leather, tied with faded pink bows. And those lace socks are just perfect! 
Ragdoll Alice has made herself at home and is just glad to be out of that dark, dusty cabinet!  

Let Lily Know: What do you think of Ragdoll Alice? Have you ever owned a ragdoll?



  1. She's beautiful! I never had a rag doll but I had a few china dolls as a kid xx

  2. I used to have a china doll too but she was a bit creepy. haha. x

  3. OMG, she is beautiful! What a fantastic rescue, and I know she is very grateful to have such a loving home. I LOVE her!!!


  4. I think she is the loveliest I've seen is a long while. I grew up with my Raggedy Ann here in the U.S. I kept her safe and sound for many, many years. I honestly can't recall when she went missing come to think of it.=( Life happens but I have wonderful memories of sheet forts and stories with a flashlight. Best wishes to you and dear Alice.=) Sincerely


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