30 Mar 2012

Baking: Easter Bunny Cupcakes . . .

 With Spring in the air and Easter just a hare's breath away (see what I did there?), I met up with Sam from Carousel Cupcakes again to work on this batch of bunny-themed cupcakes. The cakes themselves are delicious moist, carrot and walnut cakes topped with cream-cheese frosting with a hint of orange zest in it, all buried under the grassy knolls created from sugarpaste (I love how the frosting and cake look like gradients of soil under the grass). The rabbits were quite tricky to make - but we enjoy a challenge! Once we'd worked out how to get there little ears to stay in place, the cakes were finished off with a scattering of pink and purple sugarpaste flowers. What do you think? They certainly tasted delicious! 
 Above: The bunnies in the flower field.
 Above: Bunnies!
I must apologise for the quality of the photographs but we weren't finished making these cakes until about 10pm so had to photograph them in artificial lighting. Keep an eye out on the Carousel Cupcakes Baking Diary as I believe Sam was going to snap the cakes in daylight today :) Also, check out the Lily in the Labyrinth Facebook page for more baking photos!

Let Lily Know: What do you think of our Easter cupcakes? 



  1. Brilliant work from you and Sam as always but I want to try one of these one day, dammit! x

  2. Haha, you're in luck - Carousel Cupcakes will be opening an online shop soon! :D *shameless plug*

  3. These are super cute! and those bunnies, wow! That's some impressive cake making. Now I might just have to find me a cupcake to eat... :-) x

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments :D

  5. I'm getting hungry just looking at those bad boys!

    P.S. the bug necklace is from Topshop!


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