30 Mar 2012

Baking: Easter Bunny Cupcakes . . .

 With Spring in the air and Easter just a hare's breath away (see what I did there?), I met up with Sam from Carousel Cupcakes again to work on this batch of bunny-themed cupcakes. The cakes themselves are delicious moist, carrot and walnut cakes topped with cream-cheese frosting with a hint of orange zest in it, all buried under the grassy knolls created from sugarpaste (I love how the frosting and cake look like gradients of soil under the grass). The rabbits were quite tricky to make - but we enjoy a challenge! Once we'd worked out how to get there little ears to stay in place, the cakes were finished off with a scattering of pink and purple sugarpaste flowers. What do you think? They certainly tasted delicious! 
 Above: The bunnies in the flower field.
 Above: Bunnies!
I must apologise for the quality of the photographs but we weren't finished making these cakes until about 10pm so had to photograph them in artificial lighting. Keep an eye out on the Carousel Cupcakes Baking Diary as I believe Sam was going to snap the cakes in daylight today :) Also, check out the Lily in the Labyrinth Facebook page for more baking photos!

Let Lily Know: What do you think of our Easter cupcakes? 


27 Mar 2012

Jewellery Collection: Face Ring . . .

This silver ring was a present from my friend Clare. It depicts part of a face and wraps around the finger beautifully. The way the face is incomplete reminds me of these beautiful pieces by Yunis & Eliza and it has barely left my finger since I opened it on Saturday at our very late BFF Christmas get-together! With its unusual shape, it looks like it might be uncomfortable to wear, but in actual fact it's really comfy and enjoyable to wear - particularly as it's so unusual! All I know is it came from Etsy - so if you are looking for something similar then perhaps a little searching on there could lead you to a ring just like this. 

Let Lily Know: Do you know the Etsy-seller who makes this ring? If so, please share in the comments so others can take a peek!


16 Mar 2012

Baking: Pink Swirl Cupcakes . . .

 My latest baking adventure with Sam from Carousel Cupcakes resulted in these pretty pink cupcakes! We were attempting to master the dollop-swirl (that's not the technical name, it's just what I like to call it!), and I don't think they turned out too bad! What do you think? The certainly tasted yummy! The cake was chocolate and the pink frosting had a really subtle hint of cinnamon.
We couldn't resist making some simple cupcakes with Mini Eggs and glitter to complement the swirly cakes! 


13 Mar 2012

Corners of our home: Ragdoll Alice . . .

 Allow me to introduce the newest member of the family household - Ragdoll Alice. My mum rescued her from the bottom of a dusty glass cabinet in a Lewes antique shop recently, having been hunting high and low for the perfect vintage rag doll for several months now. Named Alice after my Great Grandmother, the doll has a muted, neutral colour palette, with perfect pink ribbons, lips and cheeks and those embroidered, lash-lined, sky-blue eyes adding subtle notes of colour. Her dress is really detailed, with lace trimmings and tiny pear buttons! Underneath she even wears petticoats and pantaloons . . .
 Her shoes are soft leather, tied with faded pink bows. And those lace socks are just perfect! 
Ragdoll Alice has made herself at home and is just glad to be out of that dark, dusty cabinet!  

Let Lily Know: What do you think of Ragdoll Alice? Have you ever owned a ragdoll?


12 Mar 2012

Lily Loves: Decorated Initial Necklaces . . .

These letters are part of Les Nereides' Alphabet Fleuri collection (approx £80 each). Each brass initial has its own story, hand decorated with Swarovski crystals and detailed enamel embellishments representing flowers, leaves and blossom, little beetles, bugs and birds. I promise you, each letter is a work of art! I had so much fun making this image by piecing together the various letters as they are all so pretty - perfect for the coming Spring season!

Let Lily Know: What do you think of your initial in this collection?


8 Mar 2012

Lily Loves: The Fifi Lapin Necklace . . .

I'm sure we all know and love Fifi Lapin - the world's most stylish bunny - well now the little critter has collaborated with US brand Juicy Couture and produced this adorable Fifi necklace ($88). Also available are Fifi silk scarves, greetings cards and a not-to-be-missed watercolour set in a zip up case - all endorsed by magazines such as Vogue and Elle.
If you can't get your hands on the Juicy Couture collection, Fifi does often sell prints via her website. I bought a set of postcards from her a couple of years ago and they look great framed and didn't break the bank.
This stylish British bunny is hopping up all over the place these days and I've got to say, long may Fifi reign! 


7 Mar 2012

Lily Loves: Ursa the Bear . . .

Do you ever leaf through home magazines or websites and see someone with an enviable, effortlessly cool display of items on a shelf or mantelpiece? Do you wish you could create your own artful display of eye-catching items but don't know where to start? Vintage tins and personal trinkets are a great starting point, but if you're looking to invest in an item or two for your collection, allow me to introduce Ursa the Bear - a pose-able, wooden ornament. She's both intricate in detail - the hunch, the face, the limb-shapes - yet gorgeously stripped back and simple - smooth finished, unpainted wood. Very Scandinavian and very, very cool. Stick this little grizzly on your shelf and you're well on your way to having your very own 'desirable display'. A piece like this is only going to improve with age, so although the price tag may be steep (£125), perhaps think of it as investing in a future antique. This is going straight on my birthday list - too bad my birthday isn't until September! Waaah!

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