20 Feb 2012

Lily Loves: Paul & Joe cosmetics . . .

These blush sticks from Paul & Joe's 2012 Spring Collection are quite simply too perfect to ever even consider using - yet I want to own them all! Inspired by brand-owner Sophie Albou's love of cats, the products feature cute little top-hat-wearing cat faces carved into the blush stick. One of these will set you back £21 (buy here) - a bit much for something I'd never use, but oh... they are so purr-fect! (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun!) Also lovely are these face & eye combos (below) which feature tones suitable to contour, highlight and add a touch of colour to both the eyes and face. They come in beautiful card boxes that hark back to vintage powder-box designs featuring elegant patterns, and the make-up pan itself features another exquisitely pretty kitty in keeping with the feline theme . . .
 For me, Paul & Joe is the perfect dressing-table brand. The products are always so thoughtfully presented and luxuriously packaged that I'd almost feel ashamed to spoil them by using them, but they would look so elegant decorating a dressing table. I have some of the limited edition Alice in Wonderland collection the brand did a couple of years ago - still boxed and un-used. It's nice to get it out and peek at it now and then and marvel at how special it is. 

Let Lily Know: Do you own any Paul & Joe cosmetics? Would you be able to use them if you did?! Haha :)



  1. I love Paul and Joe's packaging! xx

  2. I love Paul and Joe, I agree, such beautifully packaged products which seem a shame to use! However, I never let that stop me, I don't think I could buy make-up for purely ornamental reasons. Because the outside packaging is so gorgeous as well, I can always keep that to look at and smile, even if the product inside has gone :)


  3. I absolutely love these, and have been eyeing them up since they launched - i would never ever be able to use them, they are too cute. But i like to collect things so I'll probably only get one of the lipstick and maybe these would just go in to the collection! x

  4. Yes, the lipsticks are def far to cute to use! haha x

  5. i wouldn't want to use them either... there ace :)

    Mucho Love



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