3 Feb 2012

Lily loves: Jewellery dupes!

If you like . . .
... this £2,270 9ct yellow gold, engraved topaz locking Poison Ring with key on chain from jewellery maker William Llewellyn Griffiths, but could never imagine spending so much... 
Then you'll love . . .
 ...this Topshop dupe! A steal at just £12.50, Topshop's Cleopatra's Box Ring may not be as luxurious, well-finished or long-lasting, but with a saving of £2257.50, it will mean you have some money left to live the rest of your life on.
Later: I've actually been toying with removing this blog post. To be honest, I'm not sure how comfortable I am with Topshop so blantently copying the work of another jewellery designer - right down to the pattern on the band - but the William Llewellyn Griffiths version is so unbelievably far out of most people's price range that, out of initial pure excitement at finding a cheaper alternative, I couldn't resist sharing this dupe. In other words, I know which piece I and others would rather have... but I also know which piece is realistically affordable to own!

Have you found any jewellery dupes?

I have decided I will not be purchasing this Topshop ring as I would just feel too guilty.

What are your thoughts on such dupes?



  1. It's a lovely ring. I'm surprised Topshop copied it down to the motif on the band and sides. You'd think they'd have something similiar, but a direct copy? Pfft. Just another reason I don't like Topshop!

  2. that ring is beautiful! I don't think I could ever spend that much on a piece of jewellery. I would be constantly worried I would lose it!


  3. The Top Shop Copy is just wrong, especially because of the exact details. That aside, the purchase of an important piece of jewelry like Griffiths is absolutely worth it, but only for a seasoned shopper. Look 1000 times buy once. The feel of 18k and 22k gold is different. The feeling of going out into the world with important jewelry is empowering. If you never try it on in real life, you will never know. Start off with something smaller in price from the estate market. No 14k. Only 18k or better and heavier. "The power of gold: is not just a saying.


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