22 Feb 2012

Jewellery Collection: Storage . . .

As a self-confessed jewellery-addict, I have a somewhat vast collection of jewellery stashed away in boxes and drawers, but my everyday items are kept in these little stacking boxes that sit at easy reach on my hallowed dressing table! The boxes are ideal as I can see exactly where everything is - there are no dark corners for that pesky missing stud earring to hide away in! I bought the boxes from a little boutique called Rose Hill in the Brighton Lanes, but they are by Lisbeth Dahl who I know is stocked in quite a few boutiques so you may spot them on your travels too! Oliver Bonas do a version of these boxes too, and at £9.50 for a set of four, you can't really go wrong!
To give you an example of the contents - the top-left box is where I keep my absolute favourite items - these include my Lucy Jade Sylvester moonstone ring, my aqua chalcedony ring, a pair of leaf and silver droplet earrings from the brilliant Jewel Thief, and a solid silver flamingo pendant that I wear on my favourite long chain when I take a break from wearing the silver key that usually sits on the chain (my all-time most worn necklace!)
The medium-left box contains my dangly earrings (I'm sure there is a more technical term for them, but 'dangly' is all that springs to mind! haha). Most of these are inexpensive favourites from the likes of Accessorize, Topshop, the V&A shop etc that I've picked up over the years. 

The top-right box contains rings I'm more likely to wear on a night out. The swarovski skull ring came from Pretty Eccentric - a Brighton boutique that sells some amazing, unique jewellery and accessorise! The solid silver ring used to belong to my aunt but she gave it to me years ago when she was having a clear-out. The ball spins round and can be detatched, so it's perfect to fiddle with! It is also a great statement ring with some real weight to it! The pretty tear drop and scribble heart stud earrings were christmas gifts that I'm currently getting a lot of wear out of.
The medium sized box on the right contains the rest of my stud earrings. There are a mix here of highstreet and independant brands. Of the ones you can see in the picture, the little silver wings are from Pia - I love them, they look so nice on!; the owls are from Claire's Accessorise though I admit I've never actually worn them; and the Swarovski skulls are Butler & Wilson. The rest come from 'proper jewellery shops' and were gifts so I can't link-you-up I'm afraid! The largest boxes contain the rest of my ring collection (plus some pendants awaiting chains) to the right, and some bracelets and a little brooch of a frog on a lily pad to the left.
I hope you enjoyed that little nosey through my every-day jewellery collection and that you like the way I store them. It works for me! Before I found these boxes I used to keep most of these things on a little ceramic tray, but it made finding pairs of earrings in a hurry very tricky and things would get tarnished due to being exposed to the air all the time. So, I am really pleased with these boxes and would definately recommend them to anyone looking for a new way to store their bits and bobs!

As mentioned, similar boxes can be bought online from Oliver Bonas here.

Let Lily Know: How do you store your most reached-for jewellery?



  1. Such lovely jewellery and those boxes are so pretty. Such a great idea.

  2. What gorgeous trinkets, and what a stylish way to store your gorgeous jewels.

    Love the sparkly skull earrings,super cool x

  3. I meant sparkly skull RING,I was too busy thinking about those super cute wing EARRINGS :D

  4. Your collection looks great! x

  5. Haha, thanks Kayleigh! The wing earrings are cute aren't they! And not too pricey at only about £15! :D

    Thanks Kate and thegreenpixie. So glad you like! x

  6. engagement rings London

    I wish you experienced that little nosey through my every-day jewelry selection and that you like the way I shop them.

  7. wow your collection is so so beautiful!! and those jewelry boxes are gorgeous as well! :) xx


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