24 Feb 2012

Highstreet Highlight: Hobbs NW3

Dennis the Fox belt: £39
Floating Feather dress: £159 (mainline Hobbs)
Margo the Mouse leather keyring: £14 (was £29) 
Owl tee: £35
Honey Bee earrings: £29
Ollie the Owl purse: £59
Ollie the Owl belt: £39
Dennis the Fox earrings: £24 (was £35)

British brand Hobbs started life in 1981, originally producing shoes before developing a contemporary clothing collection. Today the brand produces quintessentially British pieces under a number of sub-brands within the Hobbs family and my favourite by far is NW3. Here you will find such gems as the Dennis the Fox leather belt - which has its buckle at the back and the fox detail at the front making it perfect for cinching in dresses and tops! And how could anyone resist the Ollie the Owl and Margo the Mouse items? I really love the use of traditional, British wild animals in the NW3 range! Also gorgeous is the Floating Feather dress from the main Hobbs range. My only gripe is the shape as I'm not sure it would suit me... but I may just have to pop into a Hobbs to find out for sure ;)

Let Lily Know: What do you think of these pieces? Have you ever bought anything from Hobbs?



  1. Omigosh the foxy belt is delicious! DO WANT!

  2. I have a few things from Hobbs actually, the quality is always good and you can get a bargain in the sales.

    Recently I got a chunky NW3 scarf.

  3. The dress is absolutely stunning, I love the feather print, very unique and also, elegant <3

  4. That t-shirt is adorable! And I love the fox belt xx

  5. The fox belt is perfect isn't it! I think I will have to break my spending ban and splash out on it! Let me know if any of you do too :D

    Thankyou for all your lovely comments - they really make my day! :) x

  6. All these bits are so nice!! Hobbs? I have never shopped in there, I always thought it was a bit too posh for the likes of me haha! But helloooo beauties! Owls and Feathers, my fave!!


    Jen xxx

  7. Hi Jenny, I always thought the same! I think it depends which branch you come across - the Brighton one stocks NW3 and is more welcoming than some I've come across! Otherwise... online shopping is my friend ;) hehe x

  8. Ooooh so lovely! The fox belt is too cute!


  9. It's lovely isn't it! I have to confess, I ordered one :D (Sorry bank balance! haha)
    Thanks for your comment. x

  10. I love the foxy belt and the feather dress.

  11. The dress is so nice, I just wish it was cheaper! haha. Thank you for your comment petal x

  12. Oh my, I adore the fox and the owl belts!

  13. They are lovely aren't they :) Thanks for your comment Daisy :D x


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