25 Jan 2012

Lily Loves: Ruth Tomlinson jewellery

I think I've died and gone to jewellery heaven! Just look how amazing these pieces by London-based Ruth Tomlinson are! With their un-polished, natural quality, the metals used remind me of lichen; as if it's taken centuries for the silver and gold to grow over the colourful gems, almost engulfing them and but not quite completely gobbling them up, leaving the gems on display in a subtly muted way. Surely the perfect collection for anyone who, like me, enjoys a bit of sparkle but not in a showy way.  

Ruth on her work:
“I am driven by my passion for the magic of minutiae, tiny intricacies, small oddities and the search for preciousness within the world. I always search for beauty within objects; this might be found in the inherent value of a piece, the rarity of the material or in a curiosity of nature. My inspiration comes from the idea of lifecycles and change in nature, in transience from birth to decay. I am interested in archaeological finds and Pre-Raphaelite imagery, lifecycles, decay and natural changes.”
(Ruth's quote taken from here)


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