19 Jan 2012

Lily Loves: Comfort Station jewellery . . .

After receiving a bundle of lovely, broken old books as a Christmas present I'm currently going crazy making decorations and art with them (watch this space to see the outcome), so these sliced book necklaces from Comfort Station really strike a chord!
Featuring little snippets of sheet music, poetry, and scripture hidden behind engraved metal discs and keyholes that swing aside to reveal the vintage papers, the necklaces are available to buy online or in Comfort Station's London store, just off Brick Lane (22 Cheshire Street) for around the £200 mark. But if every penny counts in the post-Christmas lull or you just can't justify another self-gift, then this could make a fun DIY project. In fact, I may give it a go . . . 
Also brilliant is the barometer necklace (£162). If that little gold weather-indicator on it is moveable then the necklace would make a really fun mood indicator! Slide it to stormy to warn people not to mess with you, or switch it to 'excellent' if you're having a particularly good day. There are some lovely, unusual jewellery items on the Comfort Station site so be sure to have a look at their other ranges if you like what you've seen here.


  1. Can't wait to see your own creations on here! x

  2. wow, these are so pretty, love the last one a lot!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  3. Thanks for your comments :) Keroppi, hopefully I will post some of my creations soon! x


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