2 Dec 2011

Lily Loves: Marquis & Camus by Sarah Kang

These pieces from the Marquis & Camus collection by Sarah Kang link vintage items with contemporary elements - and the result is somewhat breath-taking! The pieces above draw on Victorian romantic ideals and feature dusty-pink ruffles, flowers, beaded bows and antique velvet and lace. With collar jewellery 'having a moment', the two displayed above have to be the most perfect examples of the trend that I've come across. Below I've highlighted some items that have a distinctly military flavour. The medals featuring old stamps and charms are my personal favourite pieces here, and could make a fun DIY project if you could get your hands on some vintage stamps, ribbons and cabochon backs/findings!


  1. these are beautiful. Loving fancy collars right now!

  2. They are so pretty aren't they :) Fancy collars FTW! x

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