6 Dec 2011

Anthropologie wishlist...

Clockwise from top left: Pragmatic vase 'let them eat cake': $48 | Trinkets and Treasures candle sticks - approx $398 each | Hitherto bug globes - approx $650 | Flower vases - approx $18 (limited range on UK site here)

Lily says: I don't often check the US version of the Anthropologie website now that we have a UK site, but after seeing this post on the Decor8 blog I noticed some pieces of homeware that were both right up my street and strangely absent from the UK version of the site! I keep a regular eye on the UK site for new items (by 'regular eye' I mean I could probably reel off their stock directory in my sleep. Perhaps I should get out more...) as I am constantly on the look out for quirky homeware, so I was both thrilled at the wonderous items present on the US site and dissappointed I couldn't get my mitts on them here in the UK! Does anyone know if Anthropologie roll out items in the US before adding them to other branches? Most of these pieces are out of my price range, but at $48 (around £30) the Let the Eat Cake vase might just find itself in my virtual shopping trolley were it available in the UK. Still, available in the UK or not, it's always nice to look at asthetically pleasing things :)

UPDATE: I managed to get to the Regent Street Anthropologie store last weekend and was delighted to see the Pragmatic Vases ("Let Them Eat Cake" etc) and flower vases in stock!



  1. I absolutely adore those candlesticks - but so expensive! Makes me want to make some of my own... crafty!

  2. They are perfect aren't they! I bet you could make some amazing ones yourself :D x

  3. The fact that there is a UK site excites me so much! I love their home section, those vases are so unusual and interesting ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. Lovely blog.


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