4 Nov 2011

Lily Loves: Pamela Love...

Having worked as an art director, stylist, painter and set designer, New York based Pamela Love launched her striking jewellery collection in 2007 to great acclaim, having found it hard to find jewellery that suited the needs of her various creative projects. Primarily working from the basement of her Brooklyn apartment, it wasn't long before the fashion world sat up and took note of Love's creations which draw inspiration from nature, science, astrology, music, magic and so much more!
Since the launch of her jewellery range, Pamela has collaborated with countless designers and film makers - even working with director Spike Jonze to create a range inspired by his "Where The Wild Things Are".

Lily says: I love the intergalactic style of some of these pieces - cones and space-age half-moons bursting with rough-cut quartz - if this is the jewellery they wear in space then beam me up Scotty (or Pamela!) The necklaces and rings inspired by Dia du los Muertos decorations also stike a chord - adorning the wearer with intricate bunting of skulls and lace design. If only I had a spare arm and leg to chop off in payment for something from this collection! 

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  1. They are gorgeous. So much love for Pamela!

    Penny x

  2. They're lovely pieces aren't they :) Thanks for your comment Penny :) x

  3. Wow these pieces are amazing! You have an adorable blog :)

  4. Love these! Pamela Love is a bit of a legend isnt she?


    PS re: your comment, great minds clearly think alike!! Such a cute collection :)


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