11 Nov 2011

Lily Loves: Colourful twig necklaces...

These unusual wooden-connector necklaces come from London-based Maru Kiko. Creatued by Lovisa Lindstrom and featuring silver chains and colourful painted twigs and wood picked up in the forests of Sweden, the necklaces would add a splash of the unusual to a casual outfit of jeans and a plain tee or would look great worn with chunky, cozy knitwear this season.

Painting twigs, driftwood and such in this style and using them for mobiles, hanging decorations or jewellery lcould also be a great DIY project!



  1. These are so cool! Really unusual. Totally agree that they could be good for a DIY project/gift.

    Steph x

  2. Thanks for your comment Steph - glad you like the finds :D x


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