21 Nov 2011

Lily Loves: Alice Walton Ceramics...

This Sunday my Mum and I went along to Made at the Brighton Corn Exchange. The event, now in its 5th year, showcased over 100 local and national contemporary makers and designers of a whole range of products – from jewellery and clothing to wallpaper, furniture, homeware and ceramics.   
One item we picked up was this gorgeous ceramic piece from Brighton-based Alice Walton. From Alice’s ‘Collections’ range, a carefully crafted ceramic tray houses a collection of little vintage keys. We both fell in love with Alice’s work and my mum couldn’t resist treating herself to this unique piece . . .
My parents have an old printer’s tray full of trinkets and curio, so this piece really fits in with their taste. Although, they may have to put an alarm on it as I will be incredibly tempted to pinch it every time I visit them!
Up close:
More about Alice Walton:
Since graduation with a First Class Honors in 2010 Alice has taken part in multiple exhibitions over England and has completed two residencies - one in Centola, Italy, and one at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Her work continues to experiment with hand building techniques, pushing the clay to its limits and enjoying unexpected results.
Alice on her Collections range:
"I have always been facinated with collecting. Inspired to show off my individual personal collections, I have created a series of letter press style wall hangers. Within the ceramic dividers items of interest have been organised. Groupings of handmade ceramic cotton reels, found vintage pearls, old clock hands and water eroded china sit displayed. I often leave spaces or empty collection displays to encourage the owner to start or continue their own collection"
(These three images and words by Alice taken from alicewalton.co.uk)

Find Alice: Web | Blog | Twitter


  1. Oh these are just lovely! I really adore the first one with the keys. What a wonderful idea - thanks for sharing!

  2. Her work is really adorable! I love the ideia :) The last one is my favorite!

  3. Thanks for your comments :) So glad you like them! x

  4. That is really lovely; great choice. Love individual pieces like these. x

  5. These are sooo incredibly CUTE!!! Yes I'm screaming!!You have a beautiful blog! I'm following you, hope we can follow each other. :)

    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  6. That is gorgeous! I think I'd be tempted to pinch it every time I saw it too haha! xx


  7. How delightful! I love the wonky lines, very quirky :)

  8. Oh these are gorgeous! Love :) xx

  9. Thank you for your lovely comments :) Glad you are all loving Alice Walton ceramics :D

    I love that they are wonky too!

  10. wow these are all lovely, I love the one with clock hands, twould be perfect in my flat! :p xx

  11. Hello, I just found your lovely blog. Thank you for featuring me! It is really nice to read all the comments from people. Your photos you have taken of the key have come out really well. You can buy directly from me if you just send me an email. I am hoping to get an online shop in the new year. I am based in Brighton but can all post work if needed. I'm glad the keys have gone to such a lovely home! Thank you.

    follow me on twitter: AWCeramics

  12. Hi Alice, thank you so much for your comment - I'm so glad you like the post :D Can't wait for your online shop - please do let me know when it's live and I'll happily spread the word! They keys are now hanging proudly in my parents bedroom - they look perfect! :)


    ps. You are my 40th follower! Thankyou - it means the world!


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