16 Nov 2011

Finds: Do you think I'm spexy?

Spectacle necklace - Thea Grant
Vintage cat-eye glasses - Vintage50sEyewear
Cat-eye ring - Isette

Lily says: From a string of librarian glasses to a quirky, vintage pair of cat-eye glasses and a simple perspex ring - glasses really are no longer confined to the face! Even the pair of actual glasses featured here would look perfectly at home simply displayed on a shelf thanks to their really unusal arms! There are plenty of glasses-related goodies available right now at quite resonable prices, so anyone can appreciate the iconic shape of the cat-eye or the NHS-Specials! The classic Tatty Devine spectacle necklace has been a favourite piece in my jewellery collection for several years now, but I am really tempted by that cat-eye ring!

Do you have any glasses-related jewellery or stylin' spectacles? 



  1. Oh these are so cute!!! You have a fabulous blog lovely, no worries at all xxx


  2. Love these! Wish my face shape suited cat-eye glasses! I'd be all over them like a rash, instead of my boring ol' frames xx

  3. Haha, I love that necklace! So original :)


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