5 Oct 2011

Finds: Vintage halloween . . .

Top left: Halloween masks - £3.38 each
Top right: Styrofoam Halloween icons on stands - Approx £10 each
Centre: Skeleton stacking platters - From £10
Bottom left: Skull candle holder (£23) with taper candles (£8 for 6)
Bottom right: Skeleton papercone for sweets - £4

Lily says: Halloween is on the horizon, lurking in the shadows ready to grab us! So why not be prepared early this year? West Elm have collaborated with artist Wendy Addison to create a range of vintage-inspired Halloween decorations to support their own brilliant Halloween range. Expect glittering skulls, Nevermore ravens, quirky hanging decorations, gothic candles and perfect punch bowls - some of which I've highlighted above. This is the perfect range for anyone who loves a gore-free Halloween, and the best thing is that, as with Christmas decorations, you can re-use these items year after year.


  1. I'm not a huge Halloween celebrator but I love the Styrofoam Icons and the the stacking platters - reckon I would have them on display all the time haha!x

  2. Yes, the platters in particular are def something that could be used all year round :) x

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  4. Thanks for sharing amazing crafts for Halloween. And This is my favorite festival to decorating own home. So I made some scary crafts for Halloween with using polystyrene sheet because polystyrene has some good benefits such as it is lightweight, cut into any shape, easy to sticking each other. So this time, I want to make as similar to yours stuff.


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