14 Oct 2011

Collaboration: Carousel Cupcakes...

Creepy cake making collaboration with Carousel Cupcakes
Last night I joined forces with the amazing Sam of Carousel Cupcakes to work on a range of spooky, creepy and ghoulish Halloween cupcakes. Decorating the cakes was so much fun - and as a cake decorating novice, I learnt a lot from Sam about decorating tools, different types of icing, how to make the perfect buttercream and how to apply chocolate ganache! I really enjoyed sculpting the little hands bursting out of the chocolate cakes and dribbling red food colouring over them to represent blood. Yuck... but also YUM!

The monster faces, pumpkins, eyeballs and ghosts were so fun to make by colouring white icing with special powders and using special Halloween-themed sweets like the vampire teeth as finishing touches.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was so much fun to create and hopefully there will be some more Lily in the Labyrinth / Carousel Cupcake collaborations in the near future! Be sure to check out the Carousel Cupcakes website for more of their brilliant work and follow @CarouselCupcake on Twitter while you're at it.

Have you ever done any Halloween-themed baking?


  1. Terrifyingly good work on these designs! Hope they tasted as good as they look! x

  2. a treat for the eyes and the mouth! bet you had loads of fun making these!! especially love the eyeball cupcake!! x

  3. Ahhh love these!! Need to try this out for Halloween :)


  4. Thanks for your lovely comments :) They were so much fun to make. I loved doing the eye balls! Mouhahahahahaaaa

  5. These look amazing and strangly appetising, I shall attempt to make some this year. I will most likely fail.


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