23 Sept 2011

Lily loves: Bonbi Forest lockets and rings...

These lockets and rings from Bonbi Forest would make the perfect accessory to autumnal outfits. Featuring illustrations and designs by Bonbi's Lee May Foster-Wilson, these items of jewellery range in price from £8.75 for the rings and £18.50 for the lockets - not bad eh? Be sure to have a look at the Bonbi Forest website and blog for more locket and ring designs that range from cats to celestial, from petals to feathers, from house to horse... something for everyone and perfect in tone for this changable time of year.



  1. These are lovely, really nice colours! Love the cat ones, especially. I am such a crazy cat lady! xx

  2. Haha, there's nothing wrong with being a bit of a crazy cat lady :P

  3. I am absolutely in love with Lee May's work. As soon as I am earning some mola I am stocking up on these!x


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