28 Sept 2011

Lily loves: Mary Katrantzou...

These garments, designed by London-based Mary Katrantzou (see below for biog), caught my eye on a recent Net-A-Porter window shopping spree. What attracted me to the silk-satin skirt, was the somewhat historic feel of it and obvious nods to costume of the past. The peplum exagerates the hips in a shape not too dissimilar to that created by penniers (side hoops) worn in the mid-1700s. That, coupled with a print that borrows heavily from Regency architecture and interiors and I was swooning. Next to catch my eye as I investigated the designer further, was this Jewel Tree appliqued velvet dress . . . 
. . . I've tried to highlight the intricate details of the dress, such as the three dimensional roses that burst out from the skirting, accentuated by tiny rows of diamonds glistening through the lucious green velvet. Pass me a tissue, I'm drooling!

More about Mary Katrantzou:
Mary, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, was born in Athens to an interior designer mother and a father who worked in textile design - two elements that would clearly go on to influence her work in a big way. Mary's signature style centres around her stunning 'trompe l'oeil' (fool the eye) prints which have seen her take inspiration from Faberge eggs, Corommandel screens, the court costumes of the Qianlong Dynasty in ancient China, and Meissen porcelain as well as architecture and nature. In 2008 she opened the Saint Martins Graduating Show, with her first collection also shown at London Fashion Week 2008. A collection for Topshop launched for LFW AW2010 and was available in shops in February 2011 (how did I miss this?!). Katrantzou is definately a designer I will be keeping a close eye on from now on!

Find Mary Katrantzou on Twitter here.
Read a short interview with Mary Katrantzou here.

27 Sept 2011

Lily Loves: Just Eleanor prints...

These animal and bird prints are by Eleanor of Just Eleanor and available to buy here. Eleanor works on a range of prints, cards and designs all in the instantly recognisable style you can see above. Check out Eleanor's blog and site for more. Personally I love the Cockatoo print!

26 Sept 2011

Recent aquisitions: Polish dolls..

 I received this pretty pair of vintage wooden dolls for my birthday earlier this month from my parents. My Mum found these in an antique shop in Lewes and said she just couldn't pass them by, knowing the soft spot I have for old wooden dolls!
These hand carved dolls originate from Poland, and were produced from the 1950s onwards. How can you not fall in love with their hand-painted expressions? due to their hand-painted nature, each doll is completely unique. I love the long eyelashes and sideways glances of these two dolls; Not to mention the cute, simplistic little dresses and soft, mohair hairstyles. The perfect addition to my fledgling wooden doll collection!
Up Close:

23 Sept 2011

Lily loves: Bonbi Forest lockets and rings...

These lockets and rings from Bonbi Forest would make the perfect accessory to autumnal outfits. Featuring illustrations and designs by Bonbi's Lee May Foster-Wilson, these items of jewellery range in price from £8.75 for the rings and £18.50 for the lockets - not bad eh? Be sure to have a look at the Bonbi Forest website and blog for more locket and ring designs that range from cats to celestial, from petals to feathers, from house to horse... something for everyone and perfect in tone for this changable time of year.


22 Sept 2011

Farewell to summer...

As the shops fill up with tweed and wool, the nights draw in a little earlier and the flowers and leaves begin to turn, it's time to say farewell to the summer that never really started. I took these photos of the hydrangea in our garden because I loved the splatter/stain marks and textures on the petals of the flowers as they slowly lose their colour. They almost look as if someone has flicked water colour paint over the petals. 

How was your summer? Are you sad to see it go?

21 Sept 2011

Lily loves: Every Superhero's best friend...

Do you work in an office by day but fight crime, save the planet and rescue puppies from burning buildings by night (or whenever you can find a suitable phonebox to change outfits in) - all under a pseudo-identity of course? Then these bad boys will be right up your street. The Secret Identiy Kit from Matt Singer will help you come over all Clark Kent and keep your superhero credentials well and truely ~disguised~.


9 Sept 2011


Hello, this is just a quick post to say that both the Lily in the Labyrinth blog and webshop will be in "vacation mode" until later in the month. I am setting off on a trip for the magazine I work for as of tomorrow and won't be able to get to a computer for a week or so. I'm sorry the blog has been a little short on posts recently too, but it is such a busy time of year for the magazine - on top of my normal role I've also had to organise an awards ceremony and manage all the entrants! There are some exciting posts in the pipeline though so please do keep an eye on Twitter for the return of Lily in the Labyrinth.

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