31 Aug 2011

That was August...

Nothing much happened in August - mainly because at the start of the month I was stuck in my hometown looking after the family dog for two weeks while my parents were away and then was snowed under at work as we prepared a double issue of the magazine.
Summer cold - FAIL! | Dog sitting Lulu | Lots of walks on the beach with the dog | Mmm, cake | Thank-you fudge from the parents | Alan Carr's warm up tour | A night out in Hoxton - the bf has a go on a vintage racing game | Stealth photo of a dodgy garage - well, why not? | Bank Holiday Monday in Covent Garden | The really tacky M&M store in Leicester Square | Icecreamists - delicious!


  1. Mine flew by like crazy! First honeymoon and holiday then moving and settling in and before I know it's september! But can't complain, tis my favourite month of the year!

  2. September is my favourite month too (mainly because it has my birthday in it! haha) Hope you had a lovely honeymoon :D x


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