22 Aug 2011

Lily Loves: Button art...

How brilliant an idea is this button art from Hello Geronimo? Each piece of art is created with vintage buttons, badges and pins. I particularly love the use of relevant buttons, such as in the British Isles piece below - a Yellow Submarine badge where Liverpool is, a Mind the Gap one for London and a "Tidy" pin for Wales. Genius! You can buy these Hello Geronimo pieces direct from their website, or from Not On The Highstreet and Graham & Green. Or I can see it making for a really fun DIY project. Just find a deep-set box-frame, sketch out the shape you want to make on some art-board, source your buttons, badges and trinkets and some good glue and you'll have your own unique button art to hang in your home in no time!



  1. Hehe I am getting the hell out as quickly as I can! I love this idea, the stag one is pretty amazing! xx

  2. I love this! I may try a DIY one, looks like a really good project. Reckon it would be a good starter project for people who aren't that confident with arts and craft. Amazing! I love how each one will inevitably be unique.

    Steph x

  3. What a cute idea! Wish I'd thought of it. I think the 'LOVE' one is my favourite, I'm a sucker for typography. And buttons!

  4. I feel a DIY session coming on - love these. The stag one with an 'eat me' badge is hilarious!!!


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