9 Aug 2011

Jewellery Box: Grandma's Goldmine

When my parents moved house a few years ago my mum unearthed and very kindly gave me my late Grandma's jewellery box. One thing I remember about my Grandma was her love of a good set of beads! She had a beautiful dressing table in her bedroom with drawers bursting with strings of beads of every colour, stone and pattern imaginable! Every time we went on holiday we'd always make sure we bought my Grandma home a new set of beads for her collection. Today, my mum still has the beads - and a lot of my Grandma's other jewellery - stored safely away and I have a brilliant, sparkling Opal ring of hers kept safe for me. But coming into the posession of this small sample of my Grandma's jewellery collection really did mean the world to me. Mainly consisting of costume jewellery, mismatched earrings and vintage watches, it's a great source to dip into whenever I need a good quality vintage chain or brooch. I love putting my own pendants on my Grandma's old chains - wearing them makes me feel connected to her still. 
I couldn't resist sharing this little collection with you as part of Lily in the Labyrinth's ongoing Jewellery Box posts which usually take contributions from guest bloggers. Please take a peek and see what you think . . . 
Favourite pieces:
These three images represent some of my absolute favourite pieces from the collection. Top left is an unusual, solid gold bracelet made to look like a belt complete with buckle! The buckle is purely a design feature with the chain actually fastening at the back with a hidden clasp. Top right is a gathering of turquoise based items. Readers of this blog will know I am a sucker for turquoise and silver jewellery! The maple leaf was no doubt bought by my Grandparents on a trip to see my aunt who lives in Canada. The bottom image shows a delicate, vintage, gold Rotary watch that I remember my Grandma wearing, along with a pretty pink stone ring. I hope you enjoyed this post. It really means a lot to me to own this modest collection. 
If you would like to tell the readers of Lily in the Labyrinth about your jewellery collection, or perhaps some jewellery you have inherited, then please just leave a comment and let me know!  



  1. such a beautiful collection full of amazing pieces! you are so lucky! and so very special to belong to your grandma - such a treasure!

  2. Oh what gorgeous pieces, such a lovely way to hold onto a relatives memory :)


  3. Oh you lucky thing, this jewellery collection is absolutely beautiful, and so special because it is a family heirloom (I suppose) :). The gold watch is absolutely stunning.



  4. Some lovely pieces! I love sneaking peeks at other people's jewellery boxes. It's like seeing a little part of who they are.

  5. Thank you for the lovely comments everyone, I am so glad you all liked this post :) x

  6. this post was adorable! I'm in love with that little turquoise leaf.


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