21 Jul 2011

Lily Loves: Idiom Bracelets...

These enamel-coated gold "idiom bangles" from Kate Spade are inscribed on the inner rim with perfect little idioms. "Paint the town red" would be the perfect piece for a party girl; Perhaps the "a shining light" piece would make a great gift to a BFF who's been there for you through a tough patch; Or "draw the line" to remind yourself you have moved on from something. Personally I love the "ace up your sleeve" bangle for the sheer fact that the bracelet itself would be the ace up your sleeve in the style stakes. Prices start at around an affordable $30 US dollars.
What do you think of these bangles and which would you pick to own?

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  1. I adore the 'paint the town red' one. I am very fond of London, and this is the right side of touristy for me!


  2. Thanks for your comments. I love the London one too Lisa-Marie - it's def a classy way to do touristy! :)


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