6 Jul 2011

Guest Post: Temporary Secretary

In a special, guest post the beautiful Sarah - who runs the online jewellery boutique Temporary:Secretary - gives us a peek into her personal jewellery collection . . . 
In the Elle Magazine manifesto, I read that: "We believe clothing without accessories is like a party with no cake." But I don't wear jewellery much (my friends know this so I don't get jewellery for birthdays and Christmases) which may be quite strange to hear seeing as I run an accessories brand as a full time job - but I work all the time and they just get in the way! I do have a lot of jewellery, though. I am a hoarder and this is why my jewellery box is so full. I keep things that are broken, snapped, rusted.
So, here's a snapshot of what is in one of my jewellery boxes. Lots of colours and fun! My mum keeps my expensive stuff for me because I lose things all the time. I have a Gucci watch that my mum bought me for Christmas but I lost it (it's in the house somewhere, I just don't know where!  . . . Let's not go there!!!) hence why I now have a bog standard Swatch - which I LOVE! It is my favourite watch.
Not everything in my box is Temporary:Secretary - although I do admit that these days, if I want a new piece of jewellery, I source the things I need and make myself something pretty to wear! I wanted a nice flower garland for my hair a few weeks ago but I couldn't find one that suited me. I found that most were very bright or the flowers too big and it made me feel self conscious, like I couldn't pull it off or it didn't suit me. So I bought some small roses and made my own!
 One of my favourite necklaces is my name necklace from Heidi Seeker (pictured below, right). It was a present from them. I used to work there and I have lots of little bits of bobs from my Seekerette days. I miss them, it was a great place to work. I recommend all of their products! It's all so much fun.
 I also have a black name necklace that Emma (from Kitschtique) made me for Christmas. I love it. It is a bit creepy when you forget you've got a name necklace on and strangers address you by your name! Actually, once, someone called me "Sarnah" because they misread my necklace! That was pretty awkward!"
-- Sarah x --
Lily says: Thank you so much to Sarah for giving us a peek in to her wonderful jewellery collection. Make sure you check out the Temp:Sec blog, which is always full of gorgeous pictures of how Sarah styles her pieces.


  1. I've put the link on the top of our Blogs We Love. Will mention your blog in the next post. Thank you so much, Claire x

  2. Thanks Sarah :D Lovely working with you x

  3. I'm loving these guest posts, so interesting to see.

  4. These guest posts are such a good idea! Love seeing into other peoples lives :)


  5. Thanks for the lovely comments guys! :) x

  6. Fantastic post Sarah, and what a lovely blog this is!

  7. Sarah's images look great don't they? Thanks Raffles Bizarre :) x


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