28 Jul 2011

Finds: Affordable statement rings...

You may be surprised to learn that all of these brilliant statement rings are completey affordable and available on a highstreet near you! Yes, all of these rings are from Topshop! On a recent window-shopping trip to the Topshop website, I was so shocked at how they have upped their game with their online jewellery listings. Previously they had just seemed to list a few standard (aka: nothing special) items of jewellery online, yet the stores were bursting with more interesting items. Well take a look at the jewellery collection now - there are some really interesting pieces that provide Pamela Love / Dannijo type pieces without the designer price tags.


27 Jul 2011

Lily Loves: Philippa Holland's beetles and bugs...

As a follow up to THIS recent post in which I proposed that beetles, bugs and butterflies could offer some inspiration in terms of colour combos and patterns, I couldn't resist sharing these beetle-based beauties from Philippa Holland. Her collection of rings, earrings, necklaces and brooches based around the bug theme are truely nature-inspired. Intricately etched and dipped in gold or coloured enamel, these statement pieces of jewellery would add an interesting edge to any outfit. Find more on Philippa's site or buy from Net-A-Porter (Oh if only they weren't £900!) 


25 Jul 2011

Lily Loves: Hairy Sock...

When I came across Hairy Sock jewellery I knew I just had to share it with readers of this blog. Washing lines hanging from one collar point to the other? Inspired! A rear-view mirror brooch complete with Magic Tree...or a necklace with a string of individually crafted tears cascading from crying eyes? I want to step in their maker's mind and see what else is going on in there because this jewellery is so unique! 
Hairy Sock represents the work of visual artist Ruta Kiskyte who works with a range of mediums from Polymer Clay to pearls, fabric and hair! Be sure to have a browse through the brilliant Hairy Sock website and Etsy shop in particular, they will not disappoint!

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23 Jul 2011

Treasure hunt...

Photography: The Antique Shops of Lewes
July 2011
Some photos I took on a recent antiquing trip to Lewes, Sussex. This little town is full of amazing antique shops set in higgledy-piggledy old buildings and churches that twist round and up and along and down, all packed to the rafters with interesting antique and vintage treasures.

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21 Jul 2011

Lily Loves: Idiom Bracelets...

These enamel-coated gold "idiom bangles" from Kate Spade are inscribed on the inner rim with perfect little idioms. "Paint the town red" would be the perfect piece for a party girl; Perhaps the "a shining light" piece would make a great gift to a BFF who's been there for you through a tough patch; Or "draw the line" to remind yourself you have moved on from something. Personally I love the "ace up your sleeve" bangle for the sheer fact that the bracelet itself would be the ace up your sleeve in the style stakes. Prices start at around an affordable $30 US dollars.
What do you think of these bangles and which would you pick to own?

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20 Jul 2011

Photography: Hever Castle...

Hever Castle, Kent - England
July 2011
Some photos I took on a recent trip to Hever Castle - the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII who was beheaded at the Tower of London accused of adultery, incest and witchcraft - all because she couldn't produce a male heir for a paranoid king.

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18 Jul 2011

Natures colours...

If you are ever stuck for colour palette ideas there's one place you should definately look - nature! Just look at all the interesting colour combos these beetles and butterflies sport. From gradients of blues and greens to clashes of oranges, reds and pinks - plus so many intricate patterns and textures to take inspiration from.
All of these images are from the Evolution website which specialises in entomology. This site is definitely worth bookmarking for the next time you need some colour inspiration! 

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15 Jul 2011

Giveaway: Shop launch special

Giveaway: Shop Launch Special
(close date 29.7.11)
What better way to celebrate the launch of my new etsy shop than by sharing the excitement with the readers of the Lily in the Labyrinth blog in the form of a Giveaway! Up for grabs are: A beautiful pair of Accessorize statement chandelier earrings - silver accented with teal and raspberry detailing - perfect for wearing with pretty summer dresses or simple tees this summer; Two Barry M nail varnishes in cute summer shades of mint green and pastel lilac; An incredibly useful Paperchase foldaway shopping bag featuring a gorgeous bird print. Here is the swag:
Last but not least the lucky winner will also receive a product from the Lily in the Labyrinth shop. You will get the chance to pick a Boost Bracelet in the colour of your choice. Boost Bracelets from Lily in the Labyrinth are the perfect, delicate accessory for summer. Featuring a string of small silver beads and a row of semi-precious gemstones, these bracelets not only subtly enhance any outfit, the gemstones with their long associations with luck, protection, wealth, love and energy will also give your life a natural little boost! 
Rules of entry:
1: You must follow this blog with Google Reader (click the "follow" button in the sidebar)
2: You must leave your email address and the colour of the Boost Bracelet you would pick should you win as a comment to this post.
Colours to choose from:
Natural Jade / Amethyst / Pyrite (Fools Gold) / Turquoise / Blue Goldstone / Rose Quartz

Please make sure you enter the giveaway before the close date of Friday 29th July when a winner will be chosen at random.

Thanks for reading :) 

13 Jul 2011

Shop Launch: Lily in the Labyrinth

SHOP LAUNCH: Lily in the Labyrinth (visit shop)
This has been in the works for so long and I am so happy to finally be able to introduce you to the Lily in the Labyrinth shop. On offer are stylish items of jewellery, handmade by myself to the highest quality using semi-precious gemstones. The signature product is the Boost Bracelet - a string of silver plated beads with a cluster of gemstones that will give your life a natural boost. Need some luck? Pick the Jade Boost Bracelet, or perhaps an energy boost? Pyrite would be perfect for you. But whether you believe in gemstone meanings or not, these elegant items are the perfect accessory to almost every outfit. Layer them up with your other bracelets and silver chains for that boho look or why not wear with a gorgeous Boost II Bracelet for total cohesion. A range of necklaces are also available, carrying on the delicate, elegant feel of the signature bracelets.
Please make my day and have a browse of the shop on Etsy and let me know what you think:

Be sure to check back on this blog as a very special Giveaway will be launching later this week in which you will have the chance to win products from the Lily in the Labyrinth shop along with some other fantastic prizes!


6 Jul 2011

Guest Post: Temporary Secretary

In a special, guest post the beautiful Sarah - who runs the online jewellery boutique Temporary:Secretary - gives us a peek into her personal jewellery collection . . . 
In the Elle Magazine manifesto, I read that: "We believe clothing without accessories is like a party with no cake." But I don't wear jewellery much (my friends know this so I don't get jewellery for birthdays and Christmases) which may be quite strange to hear seeing as I run an accessories brand as a full time job - but I work all the time and they just get in the way! I do have a lot of jewellery, though. I am a hoarder and this is why my jewellery box is so full. I keep things that are broken, snapped, rusted.
So, here's a snapshot of what is in one of my jewellery boxes. Lots of colours and fun! My mum keeps my expensive stuff for me because I lose things all the time. I have a Gucci watch that my mum bought me for Christmas but I lost it (it's in the house somewhere, I just don't know where!  . . . Let's not go there!!!) hence why I now have a bog standard Swatch - which I LOVE! It is my favourite watch.
Not everything in my box is Temporary:Secretary - although I do admit that these days, if I want a new piece of jewellery, I source the things I need and make myself something pretty to wear! I wanted a nice flower garland for my hair a few weeks ago but I couldn't find one that suited me. I found that most were very bright or the flowers too big and it made me feel self conscious, like I couldn't pull it off or it didn't suit me. So I bought some small roses and made my own!
 One of my favourite necklaces is my name necklace from Heidi Seeker (pictured below, right). It was a present from them. I used to work there and I have lots of little bits of bobs from my Seekerette days. I miss them, it was a great place to work. I recommend all of their products! It's all so much fun.
 I also have a black name necklace that Emma (from Kitschtique) made me for Christmas. I love it. It is a bit creepy when you forget you've got a name necklace on and strangers address you by your name! Actually, once, someone called me "Sarnah" because they misread my necklace! That was pretty awkward!"
-- Sarah x --
Lily says: Thank you so much to Sarah for giving us a peek in to her wonderful jewellery collection. Make sure you check out the Temp:Sec blog, which is always full of gorgeous pictures of how Sarah styles her pieces.

1 Jul 2011

That was June...

June in photos...
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