30 Jun 2011

Lily Loves: Hollandsworth Dolls...

Today I am lusting after these paper dolls from 'Hollandsworth' - the work of Jordan Grace Owens. It's almost as if someone went to the trendiest bar on Old Street, waved a magic wand (a handmade, one of a kind magic wand, natrually) and turned all the coolest kids in the town into quirky, articulaed and fabulously styled paper dolls! I can just picture one of these dolls pinned amongst a cluster of framed prints, or propped up on a display shelf. Perfect!

Like what you see? Then make sure you check out the Hollandsworth etsy shop for more adorable items such as magnets, pins, prints and t-shirts.

Love from Lily


  1. Ah these are so cute- I would pin them on my notice board to lighten my day! :)

  2. Love these dolls too. Ok I'd go check their site.

  3. They are so cute aren't they! Perfect for pinning on a notice board x


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