30 Jun 2011

Lily Loves: Hollandsworth Dolls...

Today I am lusting after these paper dolls from 'Hollandsworth' - the work of Jordan Grace Owens. It's almost as if someone went to the trendiest bar on Old Street, waved a magic wand (a handmade, one of a kind magic wand, natrually) and turned all the coolest kids in the town into quirky, articulaed and fabulously styled paper dolls! I can just picture one of these dolls pinned amongst a cluster of framed prints, or propped up on a display shelf. Perfect!

Like what you see? Then make sure you check out the Hollandsworth etsy shop for more adorable items such as magnets, pins, prints and t-shirts.

Love from Lily

29 Jun 2011

Finds: Make Me Cherokee

1: Boho necklaces - £9 each - Regal Rose
2: Feather bracelet - £15 - Glazed Black Cherry
3: Bird skull necklace - £11 - Regal Rose
4: Feather ring - £12.99 - Zara Taylor
5: Dream-Catcher necklace with lapis stone - £10 - Serenity Jewelry
6: Choctaw urban frontier bracelet - £27 - Prairie Oats
7: Cheyenne I porcupine quill and turquoise necklace - £59 - Prairie Oats
8: Southwest arrow-head pendants - £10 for 5 - Unkamen Supplies


24 Jun 2011

Finds: Pretty metal...

1: Poliedra - sterling silver and resin pendant - £41 - MartalugoJewels
2: Poppy - sterling silver and 14K gold, hematite and gunmetal necklace - £41 - Whyzee
3: Rena - brass and onyx fringed necklace - £18 - ALittleDot
4: Feather necklace - £105 - NatashaKahnDesigns
5: Mint green fossil and gold cube necklace - £16 - SumikoShop
Love from Lily x

23 Jun 2011

Lily Loves: Teacup Bangles...

These ingenious teacup bangles are the work of Brighton-based Abigail MaryRose Clark who's been turning pretty, vintage teacups into wearable art since 2004. Besides how amazing and unique these bangles are, how could you not love the work of someone who displays their products on the back of a tortoise?! StayGoldMaryRose products are sold online, in a number of boutiques around the world as well as by Anthropologie.

Find StayGoldMaryRose . . .


17 Jun 2011

Guest Post: Rosalilium

Hello, I'm Elizabeth from Rosalilium and welcome to my favourite jewellery collection. Well, current favourite, I reserve the right to be terribly fickle and change my mind and taste when my mood takes me! So, today here are 7 items that I have chosen to share with you. Each were picked for a special reason ranging from gifts from loved ones to memories from afar.

My current favourites
1. My ridiculously over-sized ring is a constant in my wardrobe at the moment. It is big, shiny, round and with a slight vintage flavour. It was bought on a whim when I needed a little retail therapy. This is statement jewellery at it's best. 

2. My jade bracelet. The day my boyfriend asked me out we had been to the Doi Suthep temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There he had sneaked off to find me a little something. I was both surprised and flattered and over a year later we are still together. 

3. Antique Brooch. Another purchase from my boyfriend who knows how much I love vintage, antique, secondhand and pretty. I love the design here. It's subtle and elegant.

4. In Thailand last year I was blessed by a Buddhist Monk. In the short ritual he chanted a blessing as he sprinkled me with water. I then had this white cotton band tied around my wrist to protect me from harm. You are supposed to wear the band until it falls off naturally. It doesn't look like it is coming off anytime soon!

5. Casio Watch. I acquired this years ago, and it's been around the world a couple of times with me serving as my alarm clock and making sure I catch planes, trains and buses on time. It is a man's watch because I am not a fan of girly watches. No-one else likes this on me but I love it.

6. This Tiffany heart-pendant necklace was a 21st birthday present from relatives. It is simple, pretty and holds great sentimental value. 

7. Luang Prabang in Laos is one of the most tranquil, beautiful places but is one of the poorest countries in the world. This necklace was handmade by an ethnic minority tribe living on marginalised land in the highlands of Northern Laos. I love the vibrancy of this necklace and how it instantly lifts an outfit along with my mood.

8. Finally, my handmade teacup and saucer necklace. I found this at a craft fair years ago. It is fun, quirky, cute and represents my love of a good cup of tea.

So there you have it. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite jewellery as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. It has been a real pleasure here at Lily in the Labyrinth.
Elizabeth x

15 Jun 2011

Finds: Sea Breeze

1: Blue coconut bead necklace - eme eme - £17
2: Transitioning amazonite and agate necklace - cla contemporary - £22
3: Pacific white-sided dolphin plush - fog and swell - £28
4: Cast iron perched mermaid - monkey and squirrel - £14
5: Face Painter print - Sophie Blackall - £25


13 Jun 2011

Finds: Circus - Roll up! Roll up!

1: 50 party flag cake cases - HeyYoYo - £3
2: Circus necklace - ecraftic - £15
3: Contortionists brooch - ecraftic - £21
4: Sammie the Circus Seal necklace - MySelvagedLife - £16
5: Ringmaster cards (set of 4) - Boom Pom Pom - £6
6: 25 striped straws and flag toppers - HeyYoYo - £2.50
7: Acrobats in Love necklace - What a Novel Idea - £24
8: Carnival party bunting - BlueMoonStudios - £19


11 Jun 2011

Life: Baby birds

I know seagulls are generally seen as annoying - what with their screaching and pooing habits - but when one of them set up nest on the roof of the building next to our South Coast office, fully exposed to the elements (mostly baking heat - <sarcasm> good planning Mumgull </sarcasm>), I could help but feel a pang of compassion for it. So yesterday I have to admit I was a tiny bit happy to spy three little fluff balls on legs hopping around the roof top. Luckilly everyone who works in my department was out of office so I was able to snap some pictures without looking like a complete mad woman. Heh. I'm off to the zoo today for a friend's birthday so there may well be more animal photos to follow!

Happy weekend :) 

10 Jun 2011

Lily Loves: FieldGuided tote

The gorgeous dip-dyed tote bag I ordered from Field Guided (shop) arrived this week and I am so happy with it. I love the soft pink fading to normal, untouched canvas and fell head over heels for this bag due to the inclusion of a line from one of my favourite songs (Running Up That Hill) by one of my all-time favourite artists - Kate Bush. I look forward to taking this tote with me to festivals, days in the park or just shopping trips in the city this summer, wondering if any fellow music lovers spot the reference and smile to themselves. I know I would if I saw someone with one!

9 Jun 2011

Finds: Summer Scarves

1: Sage water-spot snood - £16 - Topshop
2: Pastel and Primrose - £12 - Dorothy Perkins
3: Plum tie dye scarf - £36 - Wrap 
4: Peace and Love wrap - £225 - Mulberry
5: NW3 butterfly scarf - £59 - NW3 for Hobbs
6: Hot air balloon print scarf - £12.99 - River Island
7: Pet sounds scarf - £260 - Swish


4 Jun 2011

Look up to the sky...

In the sky: above my house
 Yesterday evening I just happened to be in the garden with my camera when these aircraft circled the sky above my house then headed off over the sea. I didn't think the shots would come out as the planes were so high up, so I was pleasantly surprised when I loaded my shots onto the computer and found my camera had caught them crystal clear.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and enjoying the sunshine we're currently having!


3 Jun 2011

House work...

White-Space: Houses
1: Where We Live - A4 - £12 - Amy Blackwell
2: Eastern Houses - A3 - £35 - Mali and Milo
3: Scattered Showers - A4 - £10 - Laura Amiss
4: Houses and Birds - A4 - £15 - Judy Kaufmann
5: Houses of Colour - A5 - £8 - Judy Kaufmann
6: This Is My Villiage - £13 - Lindsay Art
7: Canal Houses - A2 - £30 - Laura Amiss


2 Jun 2011

That was May...

What happened in: May
Pics: Amazing Alice in Wonderland mural in Brighton; Whale skeleton at the Natural History Museum; A piglet; One of the stages at FOM Fest.

May involved: Finding my creative motivation again; Going Access All Areas and reporting from FOM Fest in Manchester; Attack the Block; A trip to the National History Museum – Dinosaurs, whale bones and so much more; Kate Bush week on 6music; Starting a weekly swimming routine; New album from Wild Beasts; Eating big, juicy English strawberries; Lots of trips to the farm to see the baby piglets, kittens and lambs; Finding some amazing Alice in Wonderland wall-art in Brighton; Evening walks making the most of the longer days; Psychoville 2; Reconnecting with long-lost friends . . .
How on earth is it June already? This year is really rocketing by!


1 Jun 2011

Cat dangles...

Jenny Bird Jewellery: Sleeping Cats
These sleeping kitty-cat necklaces are the creation of Jenny Bird. The way the angular cats hang through the hoop that would traditionally hold a pendant in place is inspired! The perfect necklace for lovers of quirky design, angular pendants, cats and indeed catnaps! Available in small (above, right: £42) and large (left: £57).

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