4 May 2011

That was April...

The month that: England bloomed
April was the warmest on record here in England, with temperatures rising as high as 27 degrees on some days. It was bliss! Out came the summer dresses and with them the bare legs to soak up some much needed sun. We sat in the garden eating ice lollies, walked along the sea shore with the sea still as a mill pond, sat on the beach and sipped glasses of Pimms stuffed full of fruit - we celebrated Summer in Spring time with no holds barred and it was amazing. What helped was the BOGOF bank holidays we experienced just as the heatwave hit. First there was the four day weekend for Easter, then the four day weekend for the Royal Wedding and May Day. April truly spoiled us, and not just us humans, but the plant life too - as you can see from the photos!

Did you enjoy the April heatwave?


  1. Ahhh it was glorious wasn't it :) Hope it continues all the way through spring!!


  2. It was bloomin' marvelous! haha (see whut I did thur?) lol x


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