30 May 2011

Paper romance...

Offering an avant-garde take on the traditional false eyelash, these extraordinary papercut lashes from Paperself should strike a chord with anyone who loves a) unusual makeup and b) the delicate art of paper cutting. From horses and plant-life to birds and butterflies, the lace-like lashes offer a striking look that is sure to get you noticed. And what's more, it's a way of wearing false lashes and not falling into the Katie Price dead-crow-on-each-eye camp. WIN!


  1. I'm dying to try these, but I'm so clumsy with false lashes and the prices put me off!

  2. I know what you mean Emma... I am so rubbish at applying falsies these would probabbly be a screwed up mess by the time I got them on my eyes! haha.


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